The 39 Products Ulta Employees Predict Will Fly Off the Shelves Next Month

There's nothing quite like the shimmer-dusted high we experience post–Ulta investment. (Please note our word choice—beauty products are important and therefore worth "investing" in.) While our wallets might frown at our obsession with the beauty retailer, we feel the joy and confidence collected thanks to Ulta's product-studded shelves is 100% worth any collateral damage to our bruised beauty budgets. That said, we often find major deals to keep both parties happy, anyway.

One of our favorite pastimes is wandering the aisles (or product pages) of the beauty retailer in hopes of discovering the next best object of adoration—be it hair, skin, or makeup—but sometimes a little bit of guidance is equally appreciated while on the hunt for our newest products. After all, we know what we love and what's on our personal beauty radar, but what about the beauty radars and vanity toppers of Ulta HQ and the retailer's employees? We were curious to know which products Ulta staff think will totally take off in the New Year, starting right away in January. Ahead, 39 beauty products Ulta employees predict will fly off the shelves next month and why (in their own words) they think you'll love them. Keep scrolling!