9 Tubing Mascaras That Work Just as Well as Lash Extensions



We all know what regular mascara is: a liquid product that usually comes in black or brown and coats your lashes to make them look darker, longer, and thicker. Rub your eyes while you're wearing a traditional mascara, and no matter how stay-put the formula, it'll probably smudge. It's essentially paint, after all.

But not all mascara formulas are like this. There's also tubing mascara, which works totally differently. This type of mascara forms itty-bitty water-resistant "tubes" around your lashes. The tube-like fibers bind to your lashes and won't smudge or flake, even if you rub your eyes. They also make your lashes look extra huge, like extensions. When you wash off a tubing mascara with hot water, you can see the little tubes come off, and it almost looks like you're washing off your own lashes (though I promise that won't happen). Tubing mascaras are huge in Japan, and they're great for people with thin or sparse lashes who want them to look extra thick.

If you're interested in a tubing mascara, you've come to the right place. According to beauty editors and consumers, these nine are the best tubing mascaras on the market right now.