17 Drugstore Beauty Products to Bring on Your Next Vacation

One of the hardest parts of packing for any trip is compiling your beauty products. While it’s never easy to streamline your skincare routine let alone your makeup bag, it is even more difficult when you have to squeeze shampoo into plane-friendly tubes or put your moisturizer into three-ounce containers. In order to make the packing process a whole lot easier, we’ve compiled the best drugstore travel beauty products, that won’t hold up the security line.

Sure, losing beauty products to the TSA is a bummer, but missing your plane just because security has to go through your bag is even worse. To avoid airport mishaps, we’ve found the teeniest tiniest beauty products that pack a punch. From mini deodorants to tiny sea salt sprays and itty-bitty tweezers, we’ve rounded up the best drugstore beauty necessities for the jet-setter and beauty lover alike. Keep reading for our favorite travel-size beauty products that just so happen to be from the drugstore.