Your Towels Are Ruining Your Skin—Here's an Easy Solution

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We coddle our skin when it comes to certain aspects of our routine, from ensuring we're using the right products, to slathering on sunscreen (hopefully!) and diligently patting on eye cream. But there's a daily step that's an unlikely culprit for irritation and it's, drumroll please, your towel. Keep scrolling to read more, and learn the simple solution.

Many of us use standard terrycloth towels, often without realizing it, as an abrasive tool. When we finish washing our face, we aggressively drag them across the skin, almost as a makeshift exfoliant, to wipe all the water away with vigor (and sometimes even to "itch" or slough dry skin). 

The scary part? That daily repeated friction of the rough towel pulling against the skin, strips it of essential oils, leading to dryer, more irritated skin; while prolonged tugging and pulling can lead to sagging. It's also not like you're bereft of alternatives


One simple solution is to switch to a bamboo towel, which is far more gentle than your average face towel, regardless of how you use it (though you should still be patting instead of dragging). 

bamboo facial cloths
berlin skin Bamboo Facial Cloths $17

These cloths from minimalist beauty brand Berlin Skin are soooo soft. Founder Monica realized that, as the head of a beauty brand, she kept directing people to buy a product she could make better herself—so she did. After using these towels, you'll never want to go back to your department-store brand.

Pure Cotton

Cleansing Mitt
Omorovicza Cleansing Mitt $15

Another option worth turning your head towards? Pure cotton. Omorovicza's Cleansing Mitt is meant to wipe off every drop of the most stubborn products—even masks. Polyester just can't keep up.


Exfoliating Organic Muslin Cloths
Pai Exfoliating Organic Muslin Cloths $20

A cotton variant, muslin cloths are quick-drying and exfoliating, and therefore perfect for getting anything you don't want off your face. Plus, muslin stays soft no matter how much you wash it, so you'll get your money's worth from a pack of the cloths.


Kinu Pure Silk Polishing Face Cloth
Tatcha Kinu Pure Silk Polishing Face Cloth $18

We've already extolled the virtues of silk pillowcases, and the reasons you should use a silk face cloth are just the same. It causes less friction and irritation on your face than a standard washcloth, which makes it better for all skin types. That doesn't mean it just glides over dirt and dead skin though, instead, it wipes them all away.


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