Same Polish, 5 Different Topcoats—See Which One Lasted

Remember the days when topcoat was just topcoat and served the single purpose of sealing in your beautiful, hard-earned manicure? Now you’ve got options for high-shine, anti-fade, chip-resistant, quick-dry, gel… and the list goes on. Being the fickle beauty lover that I am, I wonder why one topcoat can’t do it all, but perhaps that’s a discussion for another time. The topic at hand is a topcoat’s number one job priority—first and foremost it should help extend the life of your manicure. As someone whose manicures rarely make it through a weekend, I gladly volunteered to see if one topcoat outshines and outlasts all the rest. 

Scroll through to see photos of the experiment and find out which product came out on top!