This Is the Secret to a Salon Manicure at Home

When it comes to finding the best topcoat, there are a few things you absolutely want it to do. You want it to dry quickly, brush on effortlessly (with no streaking), give your nails a high-shine finish, and most importantly, stay chip-free for as long as possible. The best topcoats are the ones that deliver on all of these.

With spring around the corner, you may find yourself painting your nails more often, especially your toes, so having a trusted topcoat in your bathroom cabinet is crucial. Lucky then that our pals over at Rank & Style have ranked the best topcoats available, and we have listed out the top four below.

Go on—have a guess as to which is ranked highest, and then keep scrolling to find out if you're right.

#4 OPI best topcoat
OPI RapiDry $15

In a hurry? This fast-drying topcoat leaves your nails touch-dry in minutes. 

#3 Essie Best topcoat
Essie Good to Go $9

A fast-drying, shine-enhancing topcoat, this also prevents nails from yellowing in the sun.

#2 Nails Inc best topcoat
Nails Inc 45 Second Top Coat With Kensington Caviar $15

Not only does this topcoat dry in less than a minute, but it also contains caviar extract to nourish the nails while locking in the high-shine colour.

#1 Seche Vite best topcoat
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat $11 $7

Undeniably, the gold-standard topcoat Seche Vite has won countless awards because it dries with lightning speed, gives a gel-like, high-shine finish and lasts days.

Head to Rank & Style to see the full lineup of the 10 best topcoats on the internet.

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