7 Toiletry Bags That Fit Every Beauty Essential

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Toiletry bag, cosmetics case, Dopp kit—call it what you will, we’re willing to bet you own at least one. We’re also willing to bet that it’s probably seen better days and that you may very well be due for a replacement. And if you’ve never given much thought to the pouch in which you stash all your beauty goods, well, you should. There’s no shortage of amazing new offerings on the market, with all kinds of organizational compartments and sections, not to mention that they are just as fashionable as they are functional.

The right toiletry bag should be sturdy enough to hold up longer than the cosmetics you put in it. When looking for a new one, you'll also want to consider portability. Be realistic about your size needs, and about how many compartments will be the most functional for you. How you'll use it day to day should factor in to the one you choose.

Whether you’re looking for one for your purse, your carry-on, or just to keep in your bathroom, here are the best toiletry bags worth checking out.

Best Overall: Béis The Cosmetic Case

Béis The Cosmetic Case

 Courtesy of Nordstrom

This checks all of the toiletry bag necessity boxes (lightweight, easy to clean) with some added organizational bells and whistles, too. Think a double-sided brush holder that pops out and a mirror to make on-the-go touch-ups easier than ever. Plus, it’s big enough to hold all your makeup essentials without being overly bulky.

Best Budget: MKPCW Portable Cosmetics Bag

MKPCW Portable Cosmetics Bag

Courtesy of Amazon

Ideal for those who like to separate their beauty bounty by category, this affordable makeup bag has no shortage of compartments. Best of all, you can size them to your liking, thanks to the adjustable padded dividers. There's even a separate zippered area to hold items you'd like to store a bit more securely. The four different prints are adorable too; choose from two different floral patterns, as well as pretty designs of lemons or flamingos.

Best Multi-Functional: Truffle Clarity Clutch Small

Truffle Clarity Clutch Small

 Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Small enough to not get snatched up by the TSA but large enough to fit the essentials, we love these simple, clear, hold-everything pouches not only for beauty products, but for pretty much anything and, well, everything. Jewelry, chargers, cords, meds—we suggest picking up a few to have on hand.

Best for Minimalists: West Elm Toiletry Bag

west elm toiletry bag

Courtesy of West Elm

Sometimes you want lots of compartments and pockets and zippers and space…and sometimes, you don’t. For those times, this minimalist option is ideal. Available in gray (polyester) and black (nylon), it's perfect for tossing in the essentials with its clean, chic, and streamlined look.

Best Luxury: Gucci GG Supreme Toiletry Case

Gucci GG Supreme Toiletry Case

 Courtesy of Farfetch

Let’s be real—you’ll probably use a designer toiletry bag more often than you would a designer handbag. Big and roomie with the Gucci print, this is a classic that will withstand the test of time and will certainly pay for itself when it comes to cost per use.

Best Clear: The Daily Edited Pale Pink Clear Travel Case

The Daily Edited Pale Pink Clear Travel Case

 Courtesy of The Daily Edited

Not sure if you packed that beloved tube of mascara? Forgot where you left your bronzer? Enter the beauty of a clear case, where you can quickly and easily assess your stash. This one just happens to have the bonus of sophisticated leather edging, which you can monogram, too.

Best For Purse: Everlane The ReNew Catch-All Case

Everlane Catch All Case


Pull this out of your purse and we guarantee someone will ask where you got it. The durable exterior is oh-so-chic, and we love that the spacious interior and water-resistant finish. The zipper tabs on the sides can also be unsnapped to adjust the shape, a nice added feature.

What to Look For in a Toiletry Bag

Cleanable Material

Suede is a beautiful material, but if your mascara wand drops onto a cosmetic case made of that, the mark may be there indefinitely. Your best bet is to choose a material that can be cleaned. Whether that means a canvas that can go in the wash, a plastic that wipes down easily, or a specially treated leather, remember that these guys can get messy.


If your toiletry bag never leaves your home, it doesn't matter how well it travels--but if you tend to put it in your purse, or you want to travel with it in your carry on, portability is everything. The TSA rule is that your resealable bag of toiletries can't be larger than a one quart size, and no items in it can be more than 3.4 ounces each. It makes sense to consider owning a home case, and a separate one for travel.


While some people love an all-in-one, pocket free bag, those of us who have any propensity for losing things, or who like everything in its place with no cross-item touching thrive on cases with compartments. They're excellent for keeping your makeup brushes from getting dirtied, they prevent the loss of small things like bobby pins, and you won't ever have that angsty feeling of digging through a seemingly endless container.

The Proper Size For Your Needs

Here is where we again mention that you may be best served by owning one home and one travel toiletry case. If you use a lot of products day to day, it only makes sense to have a large case. But you don't necessarily want to travel with all those goodies, especially if your air travel isn't going to involve a checked bag. When choosing a cosmetics case, first have a strong idea of how many products you want to go inside it. It can be helpful to place them all together on the counter as a visual aid.

  • What should every toiletry bag have in it?

    If you use it in the bathroom as part of your daily routine, it should go in your toiletry bag, Additionally, for travel people usually put their toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, razor, and sunscreen in there too.

  • How big should a toiletry bag be?

    The size of a toiletry bags depends on your needs and usage. For a travel bag that you plan on carrying on a plane, it can be no bigger than one quart, with items in size up to 3.4 ounces. For home use, or for checking a bag, you may want a larger bag. It's great to include items like shampoo and conditioner for travel in them, because they can prevent containers from leaking onto your clothes.

  • What items fall under toiletries?

    Toiletries are considered pretty much anything that is a part of your body care routine. This includes things for dental needs like toothbrushes and toothpaste, hair shampoo and conditioner, skin care items, and makeup. People often keep their makeup in a separate cosmetics case, especially if they use an assortment of products every day.

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