According to Our Editors, These Are the Only Tinted Moisturisers Worth Buying

Updated 09/16/19
Best Tinted Moisturisers

With all the CCs, BBs, and DD creams floating around, it's easy to forget about the humble tinted moisturiser. From day dot, they've been there for all the occasions where we couldn't be bothered with foundation, but a bare face wasn't that enticing. 

It's no exaggeration (well, okay, maybe a little) that we've trialled almost every tinted moisturiser under the sun. While some are nothing but glorified moisturisers (or, zero coverage to be more frank), a select few simultaneously hydrate, even out skin tone, and give us the confidence to skip foundation without feeling totally naked. So we've pulled together six of the best that we've always got on rotation. 

Keep scrolling for all our favourites. 

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser $66

We've never met a Nars product we didn't like, and this is no exception. This tinted moisturiser has the most coverage of the list, while still looking dewy and natural. If sheer coverage is your preference, add this to your everyday makeup arsenal. 

Laurea Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser $65

It's probably fair to say that Laura Mercier's tinted moisturiser is the original and the best. This is the oil-free version, meaning oily or breakout-prone skins can go forth without hesitation. The coverage is sheer but radiant, and it will leave your complexion even and clear. This is a non-negotiable in our travel kit. 

Dove Essential Nutrients Tinted Moisturiser $10

This was the first "makeup" product one of our beauty writers ever bought, and there's still a spare living in her bathroom. The darkest shade, Honey, used to be a staple of Lara Worthington, if you need further convincing. Sure, she's now upgraded to her eponymous line The Base (also amazing), but at $10 a pop, you can't go wrong.

Ilia Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturiser $61

This beautiful formula is enriched with natural ingredients like aloe vera, rosehip, and coconut oil to soothe sensitive skin. The finish is semi-matte, meaning combination skins will be well-impressed. 

Mecca Cosmetica In A Good Light SPF 30+ Tinted Moisturiser $40

SPF 30+, glowy coverage—what's not to love? It's great for low-key affairs, or under foundation to boost sun protection and to give a healthy sheen on the skin. 

Nyx Tinted Moisturiser $17

Nyx is one of the best things that ever happened to Priceline, and this $17 tinted moisturiser will hydrate while providing sheer coverage.

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