The Optimal Time to Focus, According to Science

Focus, focus, focus… Wait, what was I supposed to be doing again? You don’t have to be an especially forgetful person to experience this thought process at least a couple of times each day. Focusing—especially in this modern world of Instagram, iPhones, and the ability to have 10-plus tabs open in a browser at the same time (a blessing and a curse)—can feel particularly difficult, even when your job depends on it. We can’t tell you why we’re suddenly watching a live feed of newborn kittens instead of drafting that email to our bossonly that it happens, and happens often. And we can’t help but wonder—does time have anything to do with it? Namely, are there certain times of day when our brains are more prone to zeroing in on a task and others when we're more likely to be distracted? We did some digging and looked to science for the answer. Keep scrolling to see what we found!