The Best Makeup Tips We Learned on TikTok This Year (So Far)

Including a genius makeup removal hack.

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There’s no shortage of viral beauty tips, tricks, product recommendations, and trendy makeup lookson TikTok. Thanks to creators who share their latest findings with the larger beauty community, you can find pretty much anything on the app. And let's face it: Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, everyone can benefit from a few pointers to speed up or perfect your application process. After all, who doesn't want their makeup to last longer? Who couldn't use a guide to the perfect eyebrows? And don't even get us started on avoiding the pitfalls of winged eyeliner. There's always more to learn about beauty, and that's one of the reasons we love it.

After spending hours scrolling, watching, and sorting beauty videos, we’ve created a list of the top beauty hacks worth adding to your makeup regimen. Ahead, see some of our favorite beauty hacks on TikTok. 

Spritz Your Micellar Water 

If you like to remove your makeup with micellar water, instead of using excessive cotton rounds, Sandra Prieto (@sbeautyxxx) suggests using a small spray bottle to spritz the water on your face to melt off your makeup with ease. 

Prieto also mentions in the comment section that she follows up with her regular double-cleansing routine after using the micellar water.

Get Perfect Brows 

Ever feel like your brows look a little off? Trust us, you’re not alone. That’s why Jess Carrasco (@slaybyjess) swears by this hack for getting symmetrical brows every time. 

The beauty creator recommends drawing three small dots in line with your nose: one dot from the side of the nose, one in line with your pupil, and the last dot at the end of your eye. Carrasco says that this method “ensures that your brows are symmetrical and long enough.” 

Outline Your Eyeliner 

Sadly, we don't have the secret to Ariana Grande’s sharp (and somehow always symmetrical) eyeliner. But, this tip is the next best thing. Darlin Lantigua (@xo.xo.darlin) says creating an outline using eyeshadow and a thin brush prior to applying liquid liner does wonders for flawless application. The reason? It’s much easier to clean up or fix eyeshadow than it is liquid liner.  

It may take you a few extra minutes to use this technique, but the results prove that it’s so worth it!

The Best Liner Tip for Hooded Eyes 

The cat-eyeliner look is always a fave, and Kylee Fleek (@kyleefleekmakeup) recommends that those with hooded eyes should go for the bat liner technique. All it entails is creating a curved shape with a line slightly higher than your crease. “To my hooded eye community, we can slay winged liner too,” the self-taught makeup artist captioned the video.

How to Apply Lashes the Easy Way 

False lashes can tend to make the eyes appear droopy if applied incorrectly. To avoid this, Kylee Fleek (@kyleefleekmakeup) suggests (especially to those with hooded eyes) applying lashes at an angle in line with winged liner. He also recommends adding glue to the top of the outer edge of the false lashes line in order to keep the lashes upright. 

When someone in the comments mentioned that it might not look strange in real life, the makeup artist responded saying, “You’d be surprised how well it looks in real life when you do it right.”

No More Cakey Makeup 

No one wants to walk around with cakey-looking makeup. To avoid creasing, especially around the nose area, beauty creator Jaylayah (@jaylayah_) suggests removing some of the product build-up with a clean brush in an upward motion.

How to Revive Dry Lips 

Dry lips can be a nuisance—whether you’re applying makeup or not. To keep your pout soft and ready for some product, Jennifer Chiu (@chiutips) advises scrubbing the lips with a warm cloth for 15-30 seconds to reveal a smooth surface. 

As always, don’t forget to follow up with a moisturizing lip balm. Everything is better with lip balm.

Fake an Eye Lift With Your Makeup

Instead of trying to lift your face with concealer (and risking your makeup creasing), Donna DeLia (@donna.delia) advises contouring your eye area instead. The professional makeup artist recommends applying contour from the crease of the eye to the temples with a fluffy brush using an upward motion. She says this method works best because most people don’t have lines or wrinkles in that area. Needless to say, the results are nothing short of uplifting.

Fix Sealed-In Powder 

With everyone on TikTok using eyeshadow as eyeliner (trust us, it's a trend), there's a strong possibility that you've experienced your eyeshadow not collecting properly on your brush. Makeup artist Joelle Phillips (@joellephillips) says there's a simple solution to the problem of sealed-in powder: Grab a spoolie to flake off the top layer of the product to reveal a fresh (usable) layer. 

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