How to Make TikTok's Best Haircuts Feel Fresh for Fall

According to celebrity hairstylists.

Wolf Cut


If you’re not on #HairTok by now, you’re truly missing out. The TikTok hashtag dedicated to all things hair has over 20 billion views and all the product recommendations, hair growth hacks, and styling tips you could ever need. However, the absolute best hair content on the app, in our opinion, comes from the haircut inspo TikToks.

While we used to scour Pinterest for ideas for our next big chop, TikTok has become the go-to place to find seemingly unlimited haircut inspiration. Not only can you find tons of screenshot-worthy looks to bring to your stylist, but users will also show you precisely what to ask for at the salon, how to style the cut, and even how it grows out.

From the choppy bob to the wolf cut, there are so many options that would make for a great fall refresh. But since autumn is the official season of haircuts, we decided to turn to the experts as well. Ahead, celebrity hairstylists share their favorite ways to update this year’s most viral haircuts for fall.

Curtain Bangs

From the moment they started trending on the app, it was clear that curtain bangs would turn into a bonafide hair phenomenon. Not only was the style generating millions of likes and views on TikTok, but even A-list celebrities started jumping on the bandwagon. Now that we’re more than a year into the trend, it’s easy to imagine that every possible iteration of the look has been done before. According to legendary hairstylist Sally Hershberger, however, there’s a simple way to refresh the curtain bangs style for fall.

“Curtain bangs are usually worn with a middle part, but for this season, I think a side-parted curtain bang would really give it that retro look that’s definitely trending right now,” she tells us. “Think: a deep side part with sleek, blown-out hair that’s flipped out at the ends and gorgeous, flowy curtain bangs.” To achieve the ‘70s-inspired blowout, Hershberger uses a curling iron to flip out the ends after blow-drying and finish with a product like her 24K Supreme Stylist Voluminous Dry Shampoo ($32) for added body.

Clariss Rubenstein, a celebrity stylist, agrees that the face-framing fringe look is only just getting started. “Curtain bangs for everyone! I love this trend; it’s so soft and feminine,” she says, noting that the style can be worn with all different cuts and hair textures. “You can play with the length a bit so they can flatter any face shape.”

Rubenstein suggests letting your hair and bangs air dry rather than sticking with a sleek blowout to switch the look up for fall. She loves the R+Co Cool Wind pH Perfect Air-Dry Crème ($32) to help tame frizz without using hot tools.

Wolf Cut

Few hair trends took over TikTok as quickly as the wolf cut did earlier this year. The style is an updated take on the shag cut with notable influence from the mullet. A signature wolf cut involves messy, shaggy layers, side bangs, and tons of volume at the top.

Like curtain bangs, the wolf cut is a throwback to trends past, specifically the shag cut that dominated much of the ‘70s. Surprisingly, to update the look for fall, ​​Hershberger suggests turning to a different decade altogether.

“The Y2K revival is in full force, so I’d love to see this super edgy cut with some bold, chunky highlights,” she says. “Streaks of platinum or fiery red would completely elevate this already fun look for this season.” To style your wolf cut, use a generous amount of ​​Hershberger’s 24K Superiority Complex Texturizing Paste ($40) on your ends to give the layers more texture and achieve her signature piece-y look.

Ayano Jinnouchi, a celebrity stylist and member of the Mane Addicts Creative Collective, is also on board with adding some color. “I predict this fall season’s trend will be a copper-red tone hair color with a shaggy cut, which has been this year’s trend hair cut,” she says.

Classic Bob

It’s easy to argue that a style as timeless as the bob transcends the trend cycle. Still, the classic cut has experienced a recent popularity spurt thanks to a new generation embracing it on TikTok. And while we hesitate to mess with perfection, Hershberger gave us an idea for refreshing the style without messing with its shape.

“Adding in some blunt bangs can completely transform the choppy bob,” she says. “Blunt bangs turn this classic style into one that’s super fashion-forward and trendy.”

Celebrity hairstylist Emma Willis agrees that blunt bangs can instantly modernize a look. “Cuts I see more of lately include blunt fringes chopped into an already layered style to give it even more edge,” she says. And while you might be tempted to style your new blunt bangs sleek and straight, the experts suggest giving your straightener a break.

“I see a lot of curly hair with bangs coming our way, and I am so into it!” says stylist Kylee Heath, a member of the R+Co Collective. “It’s such a fresh and cute look.”

Long, Layered Hair

While you can never go wrong with the timeless cut, Franck Izquierdo, the co-founder of IGK Hair Care, has a suggestion for anyone who wants to keep their hair long but make it look more effortless than polished layers. Invisible layers is a technique that involves dry cutting the hair to remove weight and add movement, as traditional layers do, but with a twist. Stylists cut layers under the topcoat of hair, so they’re “invisible” to the eye.

“This is my signature haircut, and it helps keep hair looking healthy, effortless, and natural,” says Izquierdo. “You can keep your length, it gives your hair body and movement, and it also helps keep the dry ends at bay.”

The Lob

“The lob is a classic that is popular all year round,” says Hershberger. “It’s such a flattering length on all face shapes and can be worn with a side part, middle part, with layers—you name it. It will always look good.”

However, to rethink the lob for this season, Hershberger says to take a cue from one of 2021’s biggest hair trends: the money piece. A stripe of contrasting color in the front of your lob can make the style even more of a moment for fall.

Celebrity stylist and Mane Addicts Creative Collective member Sienree Du also loves the money piece trend for the season. “I think we’re gonna see a lot of block color placement, like a [chunk] popping from the nape area, or chunky face-framing stripes,” says Du. “I’m thinking lots of bold, fun looks and no limits on creativity as most of us were deprived that last fall.”

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