Dentists and Customers Agree: These Are the Fastest Teeth-Whitening Products



How many times have you taken a picture and then immediately hated it because your teeth looked, well… beige? Sure, you could just give them a quick tune-up with a photo-editing app and no one would be the wiser, but having IRL pearly whites would be a heck of a lot better, of course.

In the working world where daily coffee(s) and after-work red wine flow freely, it's hard to maintain a white smile, and some toothpastes and rinses that claim to whiten your teeth "in a flash" don't cut it. We're the type who love instant results, and we're guessing you do too. That's why we investigated the most effective teeth whiteners that work quickly to hide our coffee (and malbec) habits, both according to dentists and consumers. See the winner (and runner-up) below!

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