The 22 Best Teddy Coats to Swathe Yourself in This Winter

It's soft-coat season.

women in teddy bear coat


Some say winter is the season of practical layering, avoiding frostbite, and cooking desserts with heaping tablespoons of butter. But, I have always maintained winter is, in fact: soft-coat season. I chalk my obsession with teddy coats and faux fur up to an irresponsible love of Beanie Babies as a child. Much like when I used to cash in bake sale money for the fuzziest thing at the toy store, I will—to this day—spend most of my time coveting soft coats. Every season I’m tempted to snag every coat that will help transform me into the human version of the beloved furry bear, Corduroy.

It’s human nature to love soft things. And after a year that has required an extraordinary amount of self-soothing, I think we all could use some swaddling outerwear. So, without further ado, I’ve assembled some of the best teddy coats on the market right now, with special attention to brands that work with sustainably-made faux fur (as few microfibers as possible, please) as well as great vintage finds. Whether you’re into classic styles or bold prints, you’re bound to fall in love with a few of the picks on this list.


Teddy Reversible Coat
House of Fluff Teddy Reversible Coat $600.00

House of Fluff offers vegan leather and sustainable faux-fur options. This black teddy coat is divine and *gasp* reversible. While you’re browsing their site, check out their BioFur collection made of plant-based and recycled textiles.

Trishelle Faux Fur Coat
Velvet Trishelle Faux Fur Coat $351.00

This one is truly for those who have closets full of neutrals. It’s minimal, polished, and would look just as good over track pants and a tee as it would over a cocktail dress.

Faux-Shearling Midi Coat
Stand Studio Faux-Shearling Midi Coat $345.00

Stand Studio—a Stockholm-based brand that specializes in faux-fur and leather goods—is the holy grail of teddy coat brands. There is a style in their arsenal for everyone, but I’m especially enamored with this long caramel brown one.

Dubrowsky & Perlbinder Teddy Coat
Brown Faux Fur Waist Length Coat Dubrowsky & Perlbinder $125.00

Thrilling is one of my favorite places to find vintage clothing online. They make it easy for small, local vintage businesses—95% of which are women- and/or POC-owned—to sell their wares directly via their platform. I mean, look at this faux fur.

Pile-Lined Fleece Collarless Coat
JW Anderson Pile-Lined Fleece Collarless Coat $30.00

I always keep my eyes peeled for the newest and greatest hits from Uniqlo’s collaboration with designer JW Anderson. This collarless fleece coat doesn’t break the bank and looks so good doing it.

Kimono Faux Fur Coat
Heurueh Kimono Faux Fur Coat $775.00

Founded in 2015, Heurueh is a cruelty-free and ethical BIPOC-owned brand that creates chic, androgynous outerwear silhouettes. They have some bold and bright colors in their collection if that’s more your speed, but I’m personally drooling over this belted black wrap coat.

Vintage 1960's COZY Blond Teddy Coat
Roaman's The Young Fashion Look Vintage 1960's COZY Blond Teddy Coat $78.00

This roundup wouldn’t be complete without at least one appearance from one of my favorite online retailers: Etsy. A quick search of “vintage teddy coat” yields over 1300 results, so peruse away. I’ve got my little eye on this blonde one.

Faux Shearling Jacket
Mango Faux Shearling Jacket $90.00

This teddy variation has all the elements of a classic teddy coat but this particular style’s cropped, boxy shape gives it a unique twist. The color is buttery, so it’s what I would call “good for your health.”

Beanie Baby

Low Classic
Faux-Shearling Teddy Coat
Low Classic Faux-Shearling Teddy Coat $390.00

Low Classic is a Korean brand that specializes in tailored, utilitarian designs and this fuzzy white coat is the epitome of all of that. I mean, come on. It looks like Goldendoodle fur.

Faux Fur Coat
Apparis Faux Fur Coat $395.00

You’ve probably seen an Apparis faux-fur coat before, but have you seen their teddy coats? This chocolate brown will pair perfectly with your winter whites.

The Teddy Coat
Babaton The Teddy Coat $149.00

Here’s another classic teddy coat that’s currently on sale. It’s cozy, comfy, and a flattering reddish-brown shade. 

Reversible Long Jacket
Oof Reversible Long Jacket $454.00

I like the brand name “Oof” almost as much as I like the fact that they create 100% vegan coats with eco-sustainable padding. This reversible teddy is in a league above other teddies. 

Shrimps Coat
Shrimps Coat $274.00

I am a huge fan of cruelty-free British brand Shrimps. They make luxe, ladylike coats for anyone and everyone. This teddy coat is on resale from Vestiaire for a fraction of its original price. A total win.

New Look Curve teddy fleece aviator jacket in camel
New Look Curve Teddy Fleece Aviator Jacket $67.00

This fuzzy moto-style option goes up to US size 24 and looks like the coziest thing I could imagine outside of a cashmere ball pit. 

Teddy With a Twist

Nikki Checked Faux Shearling Coat
Stand Studio Nikki Checked Faux Shearling Coat $338.00

I told you Stand Studio would land another spot on the list and here they are yet again with this luxe checkerboard faux-fur coat. It’s a take on the teddy coat that has tempted me above all others.

Petite Teddy Sherpa Topcoat
J. Crew Petite Teddy Sherpa Topcoat $193.00

The world of neutral teddy coats is obviously rapturous, but if you decide your color palette is broader than that, might I suggest this one in color-blocked blues.

Fleece Jacket
Sincerely, Tommy Buttoned Fleece Jacket $180.00

This may be a stretch for a “teddy coat,” and more of a “neon fleece,” but I love this bright orange button-up from BIPOC-owned brand Sincerely, Tommy based in Brooklyn. The silhouette is perfect, and the color is just right. 

Dary Coat
Baum and Pferdgarten Dary Coat $270.00

I can proudly say I am the owner of this teddy coat. The fabric’s texture is a little curlier and wilder, which I like, and I usually wear it with flared pants and a mock neck sweater. 10/10 would recommend to a friend, and by that, I mean you.

heath coat
L.F. Markey Heath Coat $116.00

I love the sage-colored teddy coat by L.F. Markey. It’s a versatile piece of outerwear that can be worn for quick errands or for meet-ups with friends.

White Denim Fur Jacket
Ksenia Schnaider White Denim Fur Jacket $650.00

You might say that this coat from sustainable brand Ksenia Schnaider doesn’t count, but this white denim “fur” jacket is a must-have. It boasts a relaxed and oversized fit, making it a super cozy piece of outerwear.

Diddy Faux Fur Coat
House of Sunny Diddy Faux Fur Coat $225.00

House of Sunny is a British label that produces small runs of sustainable clothing, so you’d better jump on what you love fast. This patchwork-style teddy coat has a funky retro collar that is unlike anything I’ve seen out there.

Candice Lilac Wool Jacket
Lisou Candice Lilac Wool Jacket $910.00

British BIPOC-owned brand Lisou makes these gorgeous Mongolian lambswool jackets in a multitude of colors. Though it’s not the least expensive item on this list, it’s guaranteed to be a lush, statement-making addition to your wardrobe. 

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