These TED Talks About Beauty Will Give You All the Feels

Of course, we love a beauty tutorial just as much as the next person, but sometimes, when we're in search of a little motivation or inspiration, we find ourselves turning to perhaps a rather unusual source: TED Talks.

Never watched a TED Talk? Well, you're missing out. These video "lectures" cover all sorts of topics, but the ones we find ourselves continuously replaying are the ones that cover our favourite subject: beauty. From a neuroscientist's theory on the criteria of beauty to an artist exploring the intricacies of skin tone and a powerful case for boosting self-esteem, the best TED Talks are so inspirational they have the power to completely change your outlook on beauty.

Ready for a bout of inspiration? Keep scrolling to watch the five most fascinating TED Talks about beauty that get us every single time.

Cheyenne Cochrane: "A Celebration of Natural Hair"

Angélica Dass: "The Beauty of Human Skin in Every Colour"

Meaghan Ramsey: "Why Thinking You're Ugly Is Bad for You"

Cameron Russell: "Looks Aren't Everything. Believe Me, I'm a Model"

Anjan Chatterjee: "How Your Brain Decides What Is Beautiful"

Opening Image: Angélica Dass's Humanæ

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