A Model-Turned-Nutritionist Says These Are the Best Teas for Sleep

We pick the brains of models day in and day out. We’re constantly prying into their medicine cabinets and kitchen cupboards, trying to uncover their elusive model secrets. We hear a lot about eating clean and avoiding sugar, but rarely do we hear diet tips from a model who also happens to have her degree in nutritional science. That’s exactly what we found in Alicia Rountree. The Mauritian model (she’s got the island hair and bronzed glow to prove it) is also a certified nutritionist and restaurateur (she has to be able to put her knowledge into practice, right?), and today she’s sharing her secrets with us.

A final tip: Remember to drink your tea at least an hour before bed. Drinking even herbal teas too close to bedtime can have the opposite effect and disrupt your sleep.

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