Periods Are Uncomfortable (We Know) But These 10 Tampons Are Not

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While we know we’ll get our periods every month (like clockwork), great products to support this natural occurrence has, unfortunately, not always been guaranteed. Now, more than ever, women are trying to find healthy and sustainable feminine products that not only help their cycles along but are also safe and attainable. Although we know the overall gist when it comes to tampons—a soft, absorbent cotton product that stops leaks before they ever leave our bodies—it’s becoming more important to find out what exactly they’re made of and if they work well for our individual bodies. Thanks to this consumer need as well as recent innovations, we’ve rounded up a list of tampons that are made of high-quality ingredients, are convenient to obtain, and are comfortable to wear.

Here are the best tampons on the market.

Best Overall: Lola Organic Tampons

Lola Organic Tampons

Made up of 100% certified organic cotton, these tampons are as healthy as they get for your body. The BPA-free applicator is super compact, making these portable (perfect for small bags or clutches). Available in four absorbencies, there’s a size for every part of your cycle. Choose one or get an assortment of them all to make sure you’re covered throughout your period.

Best Organic: L. Organic Cotton Tampons

What we love most about these tampons is that they're free of what you don’t want in your body like chlorine bleaching, rayon, synthetic pesticides. It’s 100% certified organic cotton, with a rounded tip for comfortable insertion. There’s also a great give-back element—for every product you purchase, one is made accessible to another woman or girl in need.

Best for Beginners: Tampax Pearl

If feminine pads are more your speed, these easy-to-use tampons are for you. A great introduction into the world of tampons, the well-known Tampax Pearl features an anti-slip grip at the base, making for simple insertion. Free of fragrance and chlorine bleaching, they’ve also been clinically tested to ensure that they're safe and gentle.

Best for Swimming: Playtex Sport

Playtex Sport

Pool days on your period? Check. For those who are on the move, have an active lifestyle, or just prefer a tampon that moves with you, the FlexFit technology is your ticket to comfort. The interlocking fibers create a 360-degree level of protection that prevents leaks. Plus, the contoured applicator makes placement a breeze. 

Best Hypoallergenic: The Honest Company Organic Cotton Tampons

Certified organic by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), this innovative tampon ticks all the boxes. It expands width-wise for a more natural placement and features eight specialized grooves that maximize absorption. Because it’s made without fragrances or deodorants, it’s ideal for those who tend to be more sensitive. Bonus: The applicator is made from a plant-derived polymer, so it’s great for the earth, too. 

Best for Heavy Flow: U by Kotex Compact Tampons

U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons, Super Plus Absorbency

For the highest level of absorbency, these super plus tampons expand comfortably to stop leaks in their tracks. Although small in size, all you need to do is pull the lower part of the tampon until you hear a click, and then you can insert it.

Best for Light Flow: Seventh Generation Free & Clear Tampons

When we have lighter flows, we tend not to worry so much about leaks, but rather the comfortability of our tampons. Enter: The undetectable Free & Clear tampon. Free of chemicals and made of organic cotton, this small but mighty tampon has a smooth tip and expands to fit your shape.

Best Non-Applicator: Rael Organic Tampons

rael tampons

A tampon without an applicator is messy and complicated, right? Not necessarily. If you’re searching for an applicator-free option, these certified organic tampons are a great starting (and ending) point. Helpful for the environment (and your vagina), these tampons are inserted by using your finger as the applicator. A user raves that she was increasingly frustrated with applicator tampons but was overjoyed to find how simple it was to use this product.

Best Subscription: Blume Organic Tampons

Blume Organic Tampons

Users love these certified organic tampons for their major absorbency power, comfortable wear, and lack of irritation. The soft, pillowy outer layer and absorbent inner layer make wearing it all day easy. Blume’s subscription service is also simple to use—simply build your box, choose your shipping frequency, and you’re set to receive a monthly package.

Best Menstrual Cup: Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup

If there’s anything that’s best for the environment, it’s this reusable feminine product. Part of the new wave of menstrual cups, this super-soft version is made of medical-grade silicone. Designed to be comfortable, it fits snugly, even if you experience conditions like cramping or bladder sensitivity. Unlike traditional tampons, this cup can be worn for up to 12 hours.

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