The 6 Best Tampon Subscriptions of 2023

Get feminine care items delivered to you on a regular basis.

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When it comes to your time of the month, a tampon subscription can make things a whole lot easier. Rather than head to the store every month (or worse, get caught short), why not have your tampons (or pads) delivered to your door so you never run out?

While you deal with menstrual cramps, headaches, bloating, back pain, and bleeding, you shouldn't have to worry about running out of your feminine care products. A regular tampon delivery makes perfect sense because it's one less thing to have on your to-do list.

From Lola and the Athena Club to Blume and The Period Store, you can choose from feminine products curated to your needs, based on your flow, how often you want your shipments, and absorbency.

Keep scrolling for the best tampon subscriptions worth checking out. 

The 6 Best Tampon Subscriptions of 2023

The 6 Best Tampon Subscriptions of 2023
The 6 Best Tampon Subscriptions of 2023

Best Overall : Lola

Lola offers tampons with a choice of non-applicator, compact plastic, or a cardboard applicator, starting at around $9.

The tampons are made from 100% cotton and the plastic is BPA-free. You can customize your box of 18 tampons with a combination of light, regular, super, or super+ absorbencies. They will then be delivered to your door either every three or six months, with the option of free delivery.

Beyond retail, Lola also has a blog called The Spot under its community tab that shines a light on various topics, from finding the right tampon to first period stories. 

Best Value : L. Inc.

L. Inc.

L. Inc.

Whether you’re after tampons (applicator or non-applicator), pads or liners, L. Inc. offers them on customizable subscriptions, starting at around $4. The products are all made without pesticides, chlorine, fragrances, or dyes.

So, how does it work? You receive a pouch filled with a bespoke combination of tampons, pads, or liners, selected by you, to get you through your period. You can alter or stop your subscription at any time, otherwise, you’ll receive them monthly.

It's that simple. And, for every period product you buy from L. Inc., it makes a period product available to someone around the world who needs it. You can read about L. Inc.'s movement here.

Best Personalization : Blume



From around $8 per month, you can build your own Blume box (with free shipping for orders over approximately $30).

You choose between tampons and pads, then the absorbency you need based on your flow. Next, you can boost your box with extras like liners, Blume skincare (everything from face mists to moisturizers), Cloud 9 Essential Oil to help ease cramps, or a treat (usually chocolate).

Your personalized box will then be delivered to your door. You can skip a month, modify the box, or cancel your subscription at any time. Blume also has a sex education website with handy downloads about subjects, including healthy relationships, pregnancy, and contraception.

Best for Philanthropy : Cora

Cora sells a host of period products, but if you’re looking for a tampon subscription, this site has a few good benefits.

You can select non-applicator or applicator tampons which are both made from organic cotton, while the device is made from BPA-free plastic. You can select boxes from five to twenty-one tampons and customize the box, depending on how light or heavy your periods tend to be.

For every month you buy, Cora gives health education and a month’s supply of pads to a girl in a developing country.

There is the option to change, or cancel your order at any time, too. 

Best for Options : Athena Club

Athena Club

Athena Club

Athena Club has everything you need to get you through your period: liners, wipes, pads, a menstrual cup, and tampons. The cup ships as a one-off, but everything else you can subscribe to receive.

With the tampons (around $8 per month with free shipping), you have the choice of premium or organic. The premium option is made with cotton, rayon, polyethylene, and polypropylene, but without added chemicals, dyes, or additives, while the organic option is 100% organic cotton.

Next, you choose the applicator type—bioplastic or cardboard. After that, you can select a preset pack, or make your own custom mix of light, regular, or super. Finally, you decide whether you want your tampons delivered every four weeks, every other month, or quarterly. 

Athena also stocks razors, body care products, and even supplements, so it’s a bit of a self-care, one-stop-shop. 

Best for Organic : Tampon Tribe

Tampon Tribe

Tampon Tribe

Tampon Tribe delivers 100% organic, plastic-free tampons, pads, and liners, as well as silicon-free, menstrual cups to your door (with free shipping in the U.S.) And you don't have to worry about any of your products having toxins, chemicals, dyes, or chlorine bleaches. 

You can mix and match your delivery, pause, or cancel at any time. The monthly subscription of organic tampons costs around $10, and you can customize your delivery to contain just the right ratio of regular, super, and super plus absorbencies.

Want pads and pantyliners, too? Then opt for the My Body - Your Personalised Collection.

What are tampon subscriptions?

When you’re dealing with cramps and bloating, the last thing you want to worry about is buying more tampons. Tampon subscriptions provide a seamless way to receive all of your feminine care essentials (like tampons and pads) right to your door as often as you need.

How much do tampon subscriptions cost?

There is a tampon subscription for every budget. You can expect to spend anywhere between $4 to $15 per month.

Who should use a tampon subscription service?

A tampon subscription can make life a lot easier during your time of the month. If you want to avoid running out to the store every month, or make sure you never run low on your feminine care products, a tampon subscription is worth the investment.

Which tampon subscription services offer toxin-free products?

It’s important to be able to trust that the tampons and pads you’re using aren’t made with any toxins, chemicals, dyes, or chlorine bleaches. There are a few tampon subscription services that offer toxin-free products including Tampon Tribe, Athena Club’s organic option, and L. Inc.

Can I customize my subscription based on the needs of my menstrual cycle?

Everyone’s needs during their menstrual cycle vary. That’s why many tampon subscription services allow you to tailor your products based on your flow, how often you want your shipments to arrive, and absorbency. Some tampon subscriptions like The Period Store, Athena Club, and Blume will also allow you to add items like essential oils or supplements to your monthly order, to help you prioritize self-care during your cycle.

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