The Five Best Sustainable Skincare Products, According to Our Wellness Editor

Only five years ago, my approach to "sustainable beauty" involved using apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse and DIY'ing my own coconut oil moisturizer. If my routine has since changed, it's not because my overarching ethos has. Instead, I have to give credit to an ever-evolving beauty market that is profoundly different—and profoundly better.

There are more beauty brands than ever before that incorporate an eco-conscious MO—a commitment to do better. That might be through sustainable packaging, organic ingredients, ethical manufacturing standards, or, in many cases, all of the above. What's telling is that these brands no longer have the same kind of crunchy-granola, DIY-leaning connotations that they used to. They're luxurious, they're Instagram-ready, they're highly effective, and they're cool.

These are the products that populate my vanity these days, so it only felt right to share my five favorite sustainable skincare products in our latest episode of Just Five Things. Watch below to learn about my picks, and keep scrolling to shop them, too.