10 Natural Supplements With Over 1000 Positive Reviews on Amazon

The vast world of nutritional supplements can be just a tad overwhelming. Between conflicting studies, the rise of a buzzy new superfood every other week, and all in all, the sheer volume of the market, how are we supposed to figure out which products can actually help our bodies and weed out the BS?

Of course, that's partially our job as beauty editors—but in addition to the great recommendations we get from experts and industry veterans, we still turn to the online community for stellar new finds. And when hundreds upon hundreds of Amazon reviewers give a product a detailed, glowing review, we figure it has to be pretty legit (with some additional cursory research, natch). 

With this in mind, we tracked down 10 supplements that each boast more than a thousand 4.5-star reviews on Amazon. Get your wallets ready…

Check out more editor-approved Amazon purchases here, and tell uswhat's your go-to supplement?