12 Superfood-Infused Products That Give You Glowing Skin

We all know how important superfoods are to our health and well-being. They're packed with vitamins and nutrients and boast a myriad of benefits—not least of which is bettering our complexions. It's no secret superfoods give you better skin, which is why we're constantly trying to enrich our diets with a daily dose of leafy greens, protein-packed nuts and seeds, and antioxidant-rich berries. But it isn't just at mealtime that we can get our superfood fix.

The healthy trend has made its way from the grocery store to our beauty cabinets, popping up in skincare products starring our favorite superfoods. From serums and shampoos to body butters and balms, these products are packed with the delicious food-grade materials we love incorporating into our diets. And just as their original forms can be counted on to fix beauty emergencies, adding superfood ingredients to your beauty routine can do wonders for promoting healthy skin. Whether you want to hydrate, cleanse, reduce lines, or all the above, these products will work their magic like the superfoods from which they're derived.

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