10 Sunscreens That Won't Make Your Sensitive Skin Freak Out

Photo: Stocksy

We can all agree wearing sunscreen is important—in fact, celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau asserts it's the most important step in any anti-aging skincare routine. But finding a formula that works for your specific skin can be challenging. Certain sunscreens can cause irritation, breakouts, greasiness, and white residue. And while you may be tempted to use a chemical blend rather than physical (they're usually lighter, clearer, and more serum-like), chemical sunscreens absorb UVA-UVB rays into your skin and transform the rays into heat, which can damage the dermis (and sting your eyes).

Instead, opt for a physical sunscreen, but if you suffer from the aforementioned ailments, sensitive skin formulas are your new best friend. Below, find our favorites.