The One Product Both Makeup Artists and Dermatologists Love

The worlds of dermatology and beauty have an interesting dichotomy. Great skin is the foundation for makeup looking its best, and each enhances the other. But what experts in the respective fields recommend don't always line up. In fact, they're more often at odds than not. Dermatologists are notorious for, altruistically, pushing you to wear products that protect your skinbut aren't that practical, like thick, medical-grade sunscreens that leave that gosh-darn cloudy white film all over your face and don't at all work with your makeup. Meanwhile, mainstream makeup can clog pores, worsen breakouts, and irritate and inflame the skin with chemicals that necessitate a visit to thy old derm. It's sort of just an unspoken law of the universe that the bronzer your derm says is good for your skin isn't going to be the same high-performance product a makeup artist uses on set.

Needless to say, when you hear about a product that both dermatologists and makeup artists love in equal measure, you know you've found a valuable commodity. The product in question is one of the rare few products I've ever known to have that cult crossover between both worlds, which is why I wanted to shine the spotlight on it here today—especially since it's the ideal summer staple. Keep scrolling to see what it is!