The Best Succulent Subscription Boxes to Make Your Home Greener

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Best Succulent Subscription Boxes of 2022

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If you’re already a seasoned plant parent, you know that there’s no such thing as having too many leafy babies (despite what your partner or friends might say); but maybe you’re in need of some new varieties to add to your collection. Or, perhaps you’re looking to green up your thumb but don’t know where to start. Either way, succulent subscriptions are a good option. 

We’re calling out succulents here because of their resilience. Most, if not all, are tolerant of harsh conditions, can go weeks without water, and are difficult to kill, making them a great gateway plant for beginners and a terrific addition for those looking to grow their family.

Here, we've rounded up the best succulent subscription boxes, so you can find the one most suited to your lifestyle.

Best Succulent Subscription Boxes of 2022

Best Overall: Succulent Studio

Succulent Studio

 Succulent Studio

Why We Chose It: We love Succulent Studio’s local California energy and its dedication to being as eco-friendly as possible. 


  • Based in and sources plants from California
  • Sustainability efforts
  • Unique plant varieties
  • Affordable


  • Plants are fairly small

Based in California (where, arguably, some of the best succulents come from), Succulent Studio provides plants to brighten up any and every space.

For around $10 a month plus shipping, subscribers receive two unique eight-week-old succulents from Succulent Studio’s very own nursery in Long Beach. Each plant comes in a 2-inch pot and is selected based on seasonality and “hardiness,” so they’ll hopefully live for many months to come. Past plants have included aloe vera, morning beauty, and bear’s paw. If subscribers need some help along the way, the box comes with identification cards and care instructions that also indicate whether a plant is pet-friendly or not. 

The company also has an admirable and appreciated eco-conscious approach. The succulents are grown using organic media and fertilizers, presented in biodegradable pots, and sent out in plastic-free packaging. “We’ve made it our mission to walk this earth more gently and do our part for a brighter, greener future,” the website states. We’d say they’re delivering on that mission, one plant at a time.

Best Budget: Succulents Box

Succulents Box

Succulents Box 

Why We Chose It: We selected Succulents Box for its budget-friendly subscription and its massive collection, which includes more than 300 different plant varieties. 


  • Most affordable option
  • Wide variety of plants
  • Assortment of subscription plans


  • Some customers have complained about the poor condition the plants arrived in
  • Plants are small
  • Extra charge for clay pots

With more than 300 succulent varieties in their collection, subscribers to Succulents Box will very rarely if ever receive the same species twice. The company also has an assortment of subscription plans to choose from, including the option to receive up to four succulents in one box, succulents with clay pots, as well as a combination of succulents and air plants.

Past boxes have featured a golden ball cactus, donkey’s tail, and a zebra plant. And customers can also buy individual plants from the massive Succulents Box collection, as well as a range of accessories like a heating pack and chic plant misters.

The plans start at around $6 per month and include a 2-inch variety handpicked by the California team. Subscribers can increase the number of plants they receive depending on their budget—and ability to care for it.

As with most subscriptions, discounts are available to customers who prepay for three-, six-, or 12-month packages. To top things off, a portion of the company’s proceeds go to a cause of their choice, like One Tree Planted and Smile Restaurant.

Best Variety: The House Plant Box

House Plant Box

 House Plant Box

Why We Chose It: House Plant Box offers a variety of subscriptions for every kind of plant lover. 


  • Variety of subscriptions
  • Pet-friendly plants
  • 30-day plant guarantee 


  • Can be expensive for some

Subscriptions start at around $16 a month for House Plant Box customers, though the hardest part might just be narrowing down which one you want.

There’s a succulent box but there’s also an aquatic box, a cactus box, and a general indoor house plant box. There’s even a seed or cuttings box that comes with soil and pots and a seasonal garden box that offers up herbs and veggies. House Plant Box truly has something for every kind of planter regardless of skill level. And, if you already know exactly what kind of plant you want, the company also has a shop full of rare and hard-to-find houseplants which are grown in its home base of California. 

The succulent box costs about $16 per month and includes a plant (a recent box included an “Afterglow” variety) in a 4-inch pot along with an information card to add to or start your new collection. The company also offers a 30-day guarantee just in case your plant arrives damaged.

Best for Beginners: Horti



Why We Chose It: The Horti subscription service prioritizes education and teaches customers how to properly care for plants. 


  • Option to select specific plans
  • Aims to educate and build up plant parent confidence


  • Can be expensive for some
  • Shipping has been delayed

Horti’s mission is to not only sell people succulents but to sell the skeptical bunch on planting in general. With a focus on urban dwellers, the company’s subscription service is designed to help customers turn their thumbs green and level-up when it comes to plant care.

Subscribers start out receiving fairly low-maintenance varieties and graduate to ones that require more care. With the help and encouragement of Horti (by way of tips and advice), your plant parent family will expand from succulents to also include peperomias, pothos, and the ever-challenging ferns.  

Customers can select from three plans: New to planting, Pet-friendly, and Horti’s pick. Depending on the plan, the plant will come in a 6-inch clay pot and saucer or sometimes with an additional planting tool or accessory. For a more economical option, subscribers can opt to receive naked pots or unpainted terracotta planters.

Plans start at around $28 a month and, if customers live in New York City where Horti is based, there’s an option to pick up the plant in-person (starting at about $26 per month) or have it hand-delivered (beginning at roughly $28).

Final Verdict

Overall, we tried to select brands that offer a wide and robust variety of plants—both succulent and otherwise. As such, Succulents Box stands out for its more than 300 species on offer. We also recognize that some subscribers might be brand new plant parents, so we also made sure to include options for beginners, like Horti, which makes it a point to educate customers. Most subscription boxes also include care instructions along with the plants. We liked House Plant Box for its range of subscriptions, from succulents to cuttings, and its pet-friendly plant offerings. 


Another factor we considered is a company’s sustainability efforts. Succulent Studio received our highest honor for its unique succulent offerings, but also for its organic fertilizers, biodegradable pots, and plastic-free packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Succulent Subscription Boxes?

Succulent subscription boxes are monthly or seasonal subscriptions from companies that deliver different succulents or houseplants to customers' front doors. What you receive depends on the company or specific subscription the customer chooses. You can sign up for yourself, or send it to a loved one. 

What Is Included in a Succulent Subscription Box?

Typically, a subscription box includes at least one succulent and care instructions. Some may come with a pot or allow you to purchase items, including additional individual plants, for an extra charge. The succulent picks are usually random and a surprise. 

How Much Do Succulent Subscription Boxes Cost?

The cost can vary depending on the company as well as the size of the succulent, but the ones we’ve selected range from about $6 per month for a plant in a 2-inch pot to roughly $28 per month for a plant in a 6-inch clay pot and saucer. Most brands also offer succulents for a one-time purchase or a discount for longer subscriptions. 

How We Chose The Best Succulent Subscriptions

We considered eight different subscription boxes, including The Sill which didn’t make the cut for its high price point, as well as Succulents Monthly which we didn’t include because of customer complaints regarding the quality of the pots and shipping. 

We selected the best succulent subscriptions based on price, variety of plants, and online reviews. Customization—like add-ons or the option to select personalized subscriptions—was also considered along with a commitment to being eco-conscious and dedication to educating customers. Each box offers unique, hardy succulents that will transform any space. 

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