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Nothing quite fuels frustration like running out of shaving cream or sharp razors...followed by frantically lathering up soap and going at your face with a blunt blade. Ouch. That was the scenario driving several top-notch shaving brands like Harry’s, which bases its entire philosophy around straight-to-your-door subscription boxes.

Taking all the hassle and confusion out of brand selection, subscription boxes have grown in popularity with their effortless, easy-to-use approach. They can be found across a multitude of grooming needs, promising great products and value, and have branched out to include scent and liquor categories, as well.

Below, check out our favorite ones, and sign up ASAP.

Best Subscription Boxes for Men of 2023

Best Splurge : GQ Best Stuff Box

GQ Best Stuff Box

 GQ Best Stuff Box

Fans of GQ are in luck: The boys at GQ have put together a quarterly lifestyle box with all of their current favorites. And in true GQ style, these are luxury products: Each Best Stuff Box features items valued at more than $200 (roughly upwards of $800 per year), along with free shipping.

Boxes include apparel, grooming products, and accessories that have been vetted by GQ editors. Once you subscribe, you'll receive exclusive offers and discounts from the brands included in the shipments, as well as video tutorials that will help you get the most use out of the products offered.

If you're curious about what comes inside of a GQ's Best Stuff Box, the Spring 2022 box sports a backpack from PX filled with the goodies. Along with a GQ-designed notebook, you also get grooming supplies for your skin and hair.

With subscriptions available quarterly (about $50) and annually (around $190), you'll get four boxes for the year to keep you looking sharp.

Best for Alcohol : Flaviar



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The best bachelor pad accessory? The bar. Flaviar will ensure that whether you're having a guys' night or a hot date, the liquor will never be lacking.

Whether you're a whisky, gin, rum, or tequila guy, Flaviar offers a membership that will keep your taste buds on your toes. In each delivery, you'll get a Premium bottle and a themed Tasting Box, along with exclusive bottles.

A Flaviar membership lets you claim a full-size Premium bottle and a themed Tasting Box of your choice each quarter, plus access to rare, exclusive, and private bottlings. The Tasting Box includes three, 1.7 ounce or 50ml samples of international, premium and/or craft spirits, a collectible concrete coaster, and tasting notes to help you learn about what you're imbibing.

Expect unlimited free shipping on specified orders and Flaviar Originals, as well as members-only discounted prices in the online store. You'll also get access to free, live tasting events, and a refer-a-friend program.

You can choose from three annual membership tiers: $159 per year (for two bottles), $279 per year (for a Tasting Box of your choice every quarter), or $349 per year (for one bottle and Tasting Box of your choice every quarter). You can also cancel your subscription at any time.

Best for Shaving : Harry’s Shaving Box

Harry’s Shaving Box

 Harry’s Shaving Box

If you haven’t heard of Harry’s, wisen up—the brand has completely revolutionized shaving with its subscription boxes and five-blade razors (that’s a close shave).

The Starter Set is about $5 and includes a weighted razor with a rubberized handle, a five-blade razor cartridge, a 2-ounce can of foaming shave gel, and a travel blade cover.

From there, you can customize your ongoing refills. Choose from eight blades for about $17 or $31 for 16.

You can get shipments every two months, three months, or five months. (The smart-order system asks you how many times you shave and subsequently suggests a send-out frequency, a very cool customizing feature you don’t see in other boxes.)

With Harry's, you'll get high-quality products for a fair price. Sign up, and you’ll never have to do another last-minute drugstore haul again.

Best for Skincare : Lumin

Lumin Maintenence Box

 Lumin Maintenence Box

Lumin has quickly made waves with the skincare set thanks to its concise and clear approach to male complexions: think blemish-busting, redness-reducing, and fatigue-fighting formulas.

Its subscriptions, which range from the Age Management Bundle (its Dark Circle Defense is a standout) to Classic Maintenance (featuring its cult-favorite Charcoal Cleanser), are sent out every two months; perfectly timed to make sure you’ll never go without. And to make sure your skincare items are curated to your needs, you'll need to include your skin type and age.

The Classic Maintenance set aims to hydrate, cleanse, and get rid of dead skin, while curbing acne scars and shaving irritation. Products included are Moisturizing Balm, Charcoal Cleanser, and Exfoliating Rub. The Age Management collection targets signs of aging, like fine lines, under-eye bags, wrinkles, and sun damage. Products featured are a Moisturizing Balm, Dark Circle Defense, and an Anti-Wrinkle Serum.

The Anti-Fatigue Essentials Bundle set refreshes tired skin and dark circles with the included Moisturizing Balm, Charcoal Cleanser, Exfoliating Rub, and Dark Circle Defense.

Boxes start at around $65 each if you subscribe. But the real cherry on top? The first set is free.

Best for Scent : Scentbird Men’s Box

Scentbird Men’s Box

 Scentbird Men’s Box

Scent can be seriously expensive, and Scentbird started with intention of offering cult-favorite designer fragrances for an accessible price point.

Every month Scentbird sends something different to your door, letting you test out colognes that would otherwise set you back a pretty penny. Think Prada, Gucci, Versace & Acqua di Parma—the glitterati of good fragrance. You can even have a hand in selecting which one you want. By the time it runs low, you’ve already got another in the mail.

Home scent and body products are added into the boxes, so you can mix and match or make one-time purchases of Scentbird's brand of scrubs, body washes, and candles. You can also make one-time purchases of full-sized products.

Sign up for a subscription box monthly for about $16 per shipment.

Best Wellness : Luxee



Every guy needs a little TLC: That's what Luxee is for.

Meant to improve a guy's grooming, recovery, and confidence, Luxee's subscription box is meant to help you care for every part of you. Each box is curated with the top brands in men's lifestyle, wellness, technology, fitness, and grooming, so you'll always be on-trend.

You can get a quarterly subscription for around $50 per box. Featured items have included a pair of Legend's shorts and gift card, DISCO facial products, boxer shorts, socks, and much more. Subscriptions include a bonus Luxee beanie.

Plus, if you need some time off from Luxee, you can pause, skip, or cancel the box anytime. You also get a 100% money-back guarantee.

Best for Hair & Hair Loss : hims

HIMS Prescription Hair Box

 HIMS Prescription Hair Box

Almost nothing can break a man's spirit more than hair loss. While we are fans of embracing the bald, some of you might want to fight for your follicles.

As a leader in at-home, non-prescription hair loss management, hims has put together a box that includes medically-formulated shampoo, solution, and supplements.

In the Non-Prescription Hair Loss Kit (about $37 per month), you'll receive Minoxidil, a topical solution that helps promote hair growth; a shampoo that decreases the DHT in your scalp (the hormone that causes hair-loss) and helps with volume; and supplements comprised of Biotin to help strengthen hair growth and strong nails.

Even if thinning hair isn’t an issue, hims recommends the occasional course of thickening treatments to stimulate healthy, happy hair. In that case, try the Hair Power Pack. Thanks, hims.

Final Verdict

GQ Best Stuff Grooming Box earned the top spot on our list for its "best of the best" selections of apparel, grooming supplies, and accessories. Meanwhile, Flaviar stood out for its high-quality liquor selections for the guy who needs a stocked bar at all times, and Luxee became one of our favorites for its attention to care for both body and mind.

What Are Men's Subscription Boxes?

Men's subscription boxes are memberships that offer a variety of products catered to your personal interests—like self-care, grooming, liquor, and more—delivered at a determined frequency. Depending on the service, you can choose from weekly, bimonthly, monthly, quarterly, or annual shipments. For grooming products, these boxes tend to be monthly or quarterly, and are meant to appear when your stock starts to run out.

What Is Included in a Men's Subscription Box?

The category can cover just about anything, from bike parts to skincare and activewear. More and more customers are opting for subscription boxes due to their great value and time-saving benefits. Instead of running to the store to pick up the items you've run out of, you can spend more time on self-care.

How Much Do Men's Subscription Boxes Cost?

If you want a subscription box for good whiskey, expect to spend a fair amount of money. For grooming, however, prices can range from $12 and up, with every box almost certainly offering great value for money (particularly the ones that have a multitude of brands).

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In researching this feature, we signed up for several boxes—all of which we will keep subscribing to moving forward. We looked at convenience, the frequency of delivery, the products included, the overall value of the memberships, and pricing. At the end of the day, we sought subscription boxes that were able to take the manual labor out of mundane errands. In selecting these subscription boxes, we made sure they were a clear answer to saving time while keeping you looking, smelling, and feeling great.

The 8 Best Subscription Boxes for Men in 2022

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