Best Beauty Discounts for University Students

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Student? Beauty obsessive? A regular in our Facebook group, The British Beauty Line? Well, have we got the Freshers Week celebration for you. But first, a life lesson for those who may be new to their uni days. If there’s one thing you need to always remember throughout your studies, dear friends, it's this: Student discounts are truly amazing, and you need to flex them to the max while you can. Take it from those of us who know—you’ll miss it when you graduate! Whether you’re freshly unpacked with your first year ahead of you or if you’ve long learned the ways of student benefits, we’re here to help you channel your discount in the right direction. From lashes to tans to cut-price hair appointments, keep scrolling to take advantage of the very best student discounts across the country.

If You're a Student in Cardiff


This cute beauty salon has long been a student favorite, partly down to its being just 15 minutes from campus, but mostly because treatments from lashes and nails to tans and waxing (£10 for a bikini line wax, hello?) are very reasonably priced. On top of that, students get an extra 10 percent discount every day of the week.

If You're a Student in Dublin


Fancy a cut and blow-dry for less than £15? Head to Ultimate Hair & Beauty on Henry Street, just 10 minutes from campus, and book a slot with one of the salon’s academy stylists. You’ll also find a one-stop beauty salon on the top floor, so be sure to flash your student ID when booking in for a tan, wax or massage.


If You're a Student in Edinburgh


Yes, you can indeed afford a decent haircut without having to resort to drastic measures. Stylists at Cheynes offer a whopping 30 percent student discount at both the Lothian Road and York Place salons, which means you can get a cut and style appointment for less than £30. Make sure you check ahead of your appointment, as the deal only runs on certain days of the week.


Balayage from £15? Yep, we thought that might get your attention. Mosko on Dublin Street (Google puts it at a 20-minute walk from the main campus or 15 on the bus) already has a surprisingly reasonable service offering, but the discounted student price list is particularly impressive. You can bag a cut and finish from £23, while a blow-dry rings in at £15. Note: Student discounts aren’t available on Saturdays, so make the most of your gaps between lectures.


If You're a Student in Glasgow


A slick Davines salon on South Frederick Street, Alchemy offers an appealing 25 percent student discount on all hair services, meaning you can bag a cut and blow-dry for less than £25. The eco-friendly ethos of the salon also means that it’s dedicated to sustainability at every stage of the business, so you can chill knowing you’re in good hands.



If you don’t already know about the deals to be had at Belle & Blackley, let us fill you in. Offering everything from cut and color hair services to lash tints, shellac, and facials, the salon is a one-stop shop for head-to-toe pampering. The best part, however, is that while the standard student discount is a cool 25 percent, if you book your follow-up appointment before you leave on your first visit, you’ll get a whopping 40 percent off the next time! Note: This only applies to Tuesday or Friday slots.

If You're a Student in London


Affordable luxury in London? You’ll find it at the York Hall Day Spa in Bethnal Green. Sharing a refurbed ’20s building with a Better Leisure Centre, this is where to head if you just want to (gently) sweat it out. The Thermal Spa Experience caps at £26 for three hours (ask about off-peak student discounts when you book), which you can spend relaxing in the sauna, plunge pool, Turkish baths, and hammam. You’ll also find an ice fountain handy for cooling down post-sauna or for creating your own cryotherapy-esque facial.


Where to get a decent haircut in London without bankrupting yourself? Headmasters currently offer 25 percent student discount across all their services (you’ll get a top-notch cut from £36), and with plenty of salons scattered all over the city, you’re bound to find one within walking distance.

If You're a Student in Manchester


Studying at the University of Manchester? You’re in luck. The university has forged links with local massage and beauty therapists to offer discounted treatments, from manicures to Swedish massage and face shiatsu, all carried out on campus in the well-being rooms.


If You're a Student in Nottingham


If the stress is getting to you, head to this cozy spa tucked inside the city center’s Crowne Plaza Hotel, where you can flash your ID to get 20 percent off all pamper treatments. A neck, back and shoulder massage for £23? Sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon to us. Make sure you visit before 5 p.m. on weekdays, though, as the discount isn’t valid during evenings or on Saturdays.

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