The Clear Brow Gels We Trust the Most for Groomed Arches

If you've been paying attention, you’ve probably spent the past few years practicing a hands-off approach to your brows, letting your arches fill in à la Lily Collins and Yara Shahidi. But fuller need not be unruly, and clear brow gels can be a dream come true for even the peskiest of eyebrow hairs. (You know the ones.) That being said, just because a clear brow gel promises to coif our arches into near works of art doesn't mean it'll necessarily deliver. Truth be told, we've tried plenty of alleged fan favorites that ultimately fell flat, leaving us—and our brows—slightly confused. Therefore, we wanted to make it clear which brow gels have actually lived up to their reputation. Curious to see what made the cut? Keep reading for seven clear brow gels our arches look the better for.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Erin Jahns.