I Tried 4 Streaming Fitness Channels So You Don't Have To

If I'm being perfectly honest, I'm still not entirely sure why I, of all people, volunteered to try out a handful of at-home streaming fitness channels. My shaky-to-begin-with workout motivation is usually spurred most by a high-energy class environment; in most cases, I need an instructor and a room full of people to keep me on track and bring out my competitive nature. But any of this resolve swiftly disappears when I'm in the same vicinity as my bed. (Literally, though—I live in a studio apartment, and it's really hard to make it through a series of crunches without somehow ending up sprawled out on my plush quilt.)

And yet my curiosity about workout videos stems from a young age. I remember, at 4 years old, watching my mother in our living room as she worked her way through Cindy Crawford's aerobic routines. My dad used to pop a yoga tape in the VCR after a long run. I was in middle school when P90X infomercials began to dominate the late-night TV airwaves; I publicly rolled my eyes when a couple of my friends began to follow the program incessantly, though really I was just jealous of their drive. 

So now that workout videos are enjoying a bit of a renaissance in the way of streaming channels—thanks to the age of Netflix, natch—I suppose I thought it might be time to challenge this lack of motivation yet again. And given that these programs tend to cost far less than a monthly gym membership—and are way more convenient—I knew I had to give it my best shot.

And thus, a challenge was born: I'd work out for one month using only four of the most popular streaming fitness channels. See how they stacked up below.

See more tips on how to work out on a budget here, and tell us—do you have a favorite streaming workout channel?