Winter Is Cancelled: 7 Products I’m Most Excited About This Spring

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Meet Byrdie Boy Tynan Sinks—beauty writer, makeup experimenter, fragrance aficionado. Ahead, he shares the products in his shopping cart (and on his face) for spring. 

You feel that? That’s the first hint of spring in the air. I know it’s still February but listen, we’re well past the holidays and before you know it, it will be April showers and all that. And thank god!

Spring as just as much of a mindset as a season, know what I mean? New Year is great, but you’ve still got most of the winter to get through. Springtime is really when the “new year, new me” jumps out. Warmer weather and longer days (or even the mere idea of such things) puts me in a much brighter, lighter headspace.

With the new season comes a whole lot of, you guessed it, new products. I threw together a list of the ones I’m most excited about—ones that I’ll definitely be going back to as winter turns to spring.  

Maison Margiela REPLICA Springtime In A Park Eau de Toilette

Margiela Springtime in a Park

The sense that is most closely linked to memory is our sense of smell. You know how the scent of something completely random, like a certain cookie, or a hand lotion, or a specific cleaning product, can tear you out of your daily routine and suddenly, viscerally, remind you of preschool? Or the way your stomach can drop like a rock when you smell the fragrance a former lover used to wear? It’s like that. Certain smells can be imbedded into our psyche for our entire lives, which is so cool and so terrifying. 

Margiela’s REPLICA is a collection of scents made to evoke certain memories from our collective consciousness. The scent of a funfair, the scent of a barbershop, a lazy Sunday morning, a fireplace. Scents that most of us probably have some context for—a broad enough concept to be a wide net with specific enough notes to drive the idea home.

They do what they do really effectively. Their latest offering, Springtime In A Park, is just another example of why their concept works so well.

Truthfully, I am usually repelled by floral scents. I find them headache-y and boring, so I chalked this one up to a loss as soon as I read the name. But? They met me in the middle in the execution. They’re not trying to evoke only florals, here, but also spring, whatever that means to you. Dew on grass, rain on sidewalks, breeze, Campari.

They took the flower closely connected to spring, the lily, and paired it with pear and musk, which admittedly sounds pretty run of the mill. However, they all work together in a nice push and pull creating something lovely, enjoyable, and wearable.

With the soft sweetness of the pear, the lily never reads powdery or stale. You get the green earthiness of the flower without it ever wearing heavily or too synthetic. The musk adds a nice, wet, effervescent feeling to the scent overall. The scent is light, bubbly, airy, like a lace top or a Paloma. I genuinely thought I’d hate it off the rip, and while it’s not my favorite of the collection, I do find myself really enjoying the wear, and I’ll be going back to it throughout spring.

Boy Smells Valentine’s Day Collection

boy smells

So, first of all, I’m not sophisticated enough to like…light a candle. I know everyone loves to Instagram a cute self-care moment with a face mask, a glass of wine, and a $90 candle, but I just don’t get it. You light it and then it burns out and then what? I’d rather just wear a nice perfume and be the thing that smells good, rather than have something sitting around my apartment that smells okay and is also on fire. I don’t know.

But I do like to keep a candle to two on deck so I can pretend I have my shit together when my friends come over (which is never, thank god.) I always have a Boy Smells moment ready to light up. I love Boy Smells. As a brand, they’re way cooler than the other luxury candles everyone insists on buying and bragging about. The scents are smarter, and the label is pink—what is there not to love.

Speaking of love, their latest drop is their Valentine’s Day Collection, which is immediately the way to my heart. Each of the three scents is a sweeter play on their already sophisticated scents, which is not to imply that you can’t be sweet and sophisticated at the same time.

Instead of running you through the scents like I normally would, because there are a ton, I’m just going tell you what they smell like to me.

Rosalita: Grapefruit, potpourri, a watermelon Jolly Rancher, suede. It smells like a summer sunset.

Dynasty: Laundry, a boy, ozone, blue raspberry lip balm. It smells like the color of the jar it comes in, a cloudless blue sky.

Jade Vert: This includes a heavy mint note. I love, love mint, and scents that include mint at the front are always crazy. This is surprisingly warm and caramelly while having the chilly mint note pull through the whole time. It smells like a root beer, but spicier and somehow more earthy.

Tatcha The Serum Stick Treatment And Touch-Up Balm

tatcha serum stick

I like anything in stick form. This new serum stick is made for targeting dry spots, fine lines, and made to take with you to touch up throughout the day. The stick is dense but very emollient, and doesn’t feel heavy on skin. I wear this both on bare skin and under makeup, and it doesn’t disturb whatever concealer or other product I’m laying down on top of it. This is also going to be a travel essential for the new year, because we all know how quickly planes can dry your skin out. I’m not one of those people who will fly in a face mask (yet), but I do always keep a Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist in my carry-on for this reason, so I’ll be adding this to my bag, too.

Starface Hydro-Stars


I…love messing with my skin. I know, I know I’m not supposed to, for a thousand gross reasons. But if I have a pimple on my face, I am going to, by any means necessary, try to make sure that thing is gone as soon as possible. Does this often make the problem worse? Yes. Am I ever going to stop? No. Well, maybe. Starface Hydro-Stars are made to stop me from doing exactly what I know I’m not supposed to do. They’re hydrocolloid pimple patches made to literally suck the stuff out of your pimples in a timely manner, to quickly and safely get rid of zits and get your skin back to normal (I know there is no “normal” when it comes to skin, but this will at least help knock out your pimples.) Wear them to bed, or match them to your outfit and wear them out into the world. 

Fresh Limited-Edition Sugar Caramel Hydrating Lip Balm

fresh girl knew york

One of the hottest tattoo artists in the game right now also happens to be one of the coolest girls in the beauty space, so it makes sense that Mira Mariah, @girlknewyork, has a cult beauty product with her name on it.

People go up for Fresh lip balms, and it’s no surprise. They feel plush on the lips, they hydrate all day without feeling heavy, and their confectionary sweetness that smells and tastes like eating candy. The collab boasts the Fresh logo on the lid in Mira’s signature script, and the lip balm comes with a huge sticker sheet full of tiny @girlnewyork originals so even if you aren’t a tattoo person, you can still tat up your lip balm, your phone, whatever the hell else you can get your hands on.

Personally I love @girlnewyork’s work and though I don’t have any of it on my body (yet,) this is such a fun merge of my obsession with beauty and tattoos. I’m sick of eyeshadow palettes— more collabs like this, please.

Pixi Collagen Tonic

pixie collagen tonic

Here’s the thing—I ride for Pixi Glow Tonic, endlessly. I will not shut up about it. It will, and I will say this on record, revolutionize your skin. I won’t say it will work for everyone, because no product works for everyone, especially in skincare, but this does work for most. This is so good I buy it for all my friends. It’s just one of those products that works.

Anyway, they have a few versions of the Glow Tonic and this one is the newest one, with the addition of collagen. We love collagen. The Glow Tonic helps gently exfoliate, even tone, and brighten skin, and the addition of collagen helps plump, while coconut water hydrates.

Ole Henriksen Truth Juice Daily Cleaner

ole henriksen

I like this cleanser because it helps gently remove dirt and excess makeup, and is formulated with PHAs to help softly chemically exfoliate my face while I cleanse. It’s a lightweight texture, and feels weightless but effective on skin. It’s pretty heavily scented, which I know is not everyone’s thing when it comes to skincare, but I didn’t find it to be irritating to my skin at all. Plus, you get a full five ounces, which is a decent size in skincare, even for a face wash.

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