From Face Wash to Hair Mist: The Most Innovative SPF Products on the Market


Isabella Behravan

In a way, putting on sunscreen is kind of like (a much more important version of) taking vitamins: We know it's good for us, but slathering it on every morning is as appealing as choking down a few pills. This especially rings true when we're faced with greasy, pore-clogging formulas.

Of course, if texture is your main issue, there are countless matte, skin-perfecting solutions that we really do love. But better yet, there's a growing crop of products that go way beyond the traditional SPF lotion. From a color-changing patch that measures sun exposure to a self-tanning dry oil with built-in UV protection, these are the items you'll need for a safe, hassle-free, sun-filled summer. 

Want to step up your SPF game even more? Make sure you're applying on these oft-overlooked areas.