Byrdie HQ Says These Are the Best Spas in NYC

In a world where staying busy, tired, and stressed is practically used as currency, it's easy to forgo self-care in favor of deadlines and a social life. As someone who has certainly gotten caught up in running from meeting to meeting or the office to dinner and barely getting enough rest to do it all over again, I get it. The thing is, maintaining a balanced mind and body is just as important as furthering your career and drinking that pricey cocktail. Perhaps more so depending on who you ask.

So in the hopes that you'll take more than a few minutes for yourself today, we've gone ahead and researched the best spas in NYC. Below, find our favorites along with the treatments that are most intriguing… and effective.

1. Daphne European Skincare and Sugaring Studio

Daphne European Skincare and Sugaring Studio
Daphne European Skincare and Sugaring Studio

Why we love it: Daphne is a quaint, chic spa in NoLIta that exclusively carries Biologique Recherche's extensive range of skincare products—including cult (and Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen)–favorite Lotion P50. The menu features clinical, customized, results-driven facial and body treatments.

Treatment to try: Combining two of the spa's most popular treatments, The Glow is an illuminating facial with non-surgical facelift results and a detoxing body wrap (that's said to burn up to 3000 calories). First, a combination of personalized Biologique Recherche masks and peels are applied, followed by a personalized eye treatment and oxygen infusion for an immediate and visible lift in your skin. Next, an infrared blanket is used with Sudatonic creams to flush toxins from your body. You'll notice an improvement in skin texture, cellulite, bloating, and stretch marks.

Price: $299

2. Pratima Spa

A shot of Pratima Spa products on a table alongside a flower vase

Why we love it: Pratima's SoHo spa offers a calming, healing escape from the busy, buzzy New York life. The interior is dark, ornate, and shockingly plush—covered in maroon velvet and wooden accents. Pratima is an incredibly wise Ayurvedic specialist who can diagnose you just by looking at you.

"I have noticed through my years of practice that today's women seem to suffer from imbalances due to stress and the so-called 'superwoman syndrome,'" Pratima says. "Whether it's a career, family, social life, or any combination of these roles, women put enormous pressure on themselves, which manifests into frustration and stress, showing up in the skin as well as internally such as premature aging, acne, allergies, dehydration, etc. It's one of the body's ways of trying to dispel negative emotion. And while we may try to mask these emotions, our bodies do not lie."

Treatment to try: The Shirodhara body massage. It's an Ayurvedic ritual to "quiet the mind." Following a nurturing front body massage, warm herbal oil is gently poured over your third eye to deeply lull your senses and help to relieve insomnia, improve memory and focus, and restore peace of mind.

Price: $171

3. Haven Spa

A sitting room in the interior of Haven Spa
Haven Spa

Why we love it: Haven feels serene yet still affordable and easily accessible. Nestled on Mercer Street, find peaceful pampering and a comfy lounge where you can hang out in between treatments.

Treatment to try: The Fire and Ice is a resurfacing facial that uses medical-grade therapeutic masques and anti-inflammatory botanicals to clear your skin, minimize pores, reduce fine lines and smooth, soften, and encourage skin renewal. It helps to hydrate, treat discoloration, and stimulate circulation, all while invigorating your mind and senses. It's a truly unforgettable facial.

Price: $210

4. Ling Spa

Therapist Ling Chan giving a facial at the Ling Skincare spa

Why we love it: The spa's founder, Ling Chan, opened her first Ling Skin Care spa in 1984 in New York City. Since then, she's developed her signature facial treatments based on Asian beauty principles and works to balance her clients' skin while preventing and treating other skin ailments. The space and treatment rooms are clean, comfortable, and minimalistic.

Treatment to try: The Oxygen Sparkling Glow facial consists of a therapeutic face, neck, and shoulder massage to help you relax; an organic apple peel to digest skin impurities; and an oxygen mask, which utilizes carboxy technology to instantly boost your skin's radiance. Our wellness editor, Victoria, says not only did she fall asleep during the treatment, but it also gave her "an instant face-lift." See, the facial concludes with Ling's Energy Lift treatment, a heated tourmaline gemstone used to infuse "oxygen plasma potion" serum into your skin while also firming and contouring.

Price: $150

5. Take Care Spa

The inside of Take Care Spa
Take Care Spa

Why we love it: The Take Care space is like an Instagram dream world: well lit, minimalistic, and decorated with plants and crystals. It's smaller than I had imagined, with just one treatment room, but what the spa lacks in size, it makes up for in relaxation and effective treatments. Sadie Adams, the founder, studied anatomy, Ayurveda, and yoga therapy—which led her focus on regenerative therapies and healing. That being said, the spa doesn't just offer essential oils and holistic remedies, but rather incorporates scientifically proven, clinical treatments into its list of offerings like LED lights, microdermabrasion, and stem cell facials.

Treatment to try: The Microcurrent facial is one you've probably heard of before—a fine electrical current, strategically applied, fosters a healing environment and safely brings tissues to a younger, healthier function. This one works in just one session (with added results after a few more) and left my face jarringly sculpted, toned, and glowy.

Price: $300

Next up: the five best facials in NYC.

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