These Are the 6 Best Spas in Los Angeles, Point Blank

Chill in every sense of the word.

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Los Angeles is big on beauty, health, and wellness. Wherever you go throughout the city, chances are that you’re not far from a swanky fitness studio, high-end hair salon, nail salon, or buzzy detox treatment. The same goes for spas; they’re peppered throughout the entire city—though they’re found in especially high concentrations in the likes of West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills.

Why so many, you ask? It’s simple. LA girls love a good spa day. Whether they go in for a manicure, a mud bath, a massage, or a combination of all three, spending time at the spa is their favorite way to refresh both their bodies and minds. So, when in LA, do as the Angelenos do, and make time for a little R & R at the spa. Rest assured there are some insanely luxurious options. Keep reading to see the six best spa experiences in all of LA!

La Prairie Spa at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

La Prairie Spa at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Courtesy of La Prairie Spa at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

The La Prairie Spa at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills can best be summed up in one word: impressive. The airy, well-lit space is the epitome of luxury, yet still imparts an instant sense of serenity the second you step foot inside. Tucked in the corner of the iconic luxury hotel, the spa offers an assortment of different La Prairie facial and body treatments, all incorporating the brand's signature caviar ingredient. Our recommendation? The Caviar Lifting and Firming facial, which left our editorial director with a blindingly bright complexion. Pro tip: Set aside a few hours to take advantage of the full spa experience for ultimate relaxation.

Location: 9850 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills

Arcona Studio


The first thing you'll notice upon entering the Arcona Studio is the clean, open, and welcoming atmosphere that mimics that of the beach located a few blocks away.

They offer a wide variety of spa treatments, but they're best known for their effective facials. Try their Signature Facial Contouring ($140), which utilizes deep muscle facial massage and acupressure to drain puffiness and relax and tone the face muscles, resulting in younger-looking skin. They also offer an LED light therapy facial ($50), which exposes the skin to certain wavelengths of light that target specific concerns--think acne, inflammation, or wrinkles.

Location: 236 S. Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills 

Ciel Spa

Time Out LA

The Ciel Spa is located inside the SLS Beverly Hills Hotel. We can say with utmost certainty that you would be hard-pressed to find a more luxurious experience in LA (or anywhere, for that matter).

They offer almost every spa treatment under the sun--hair services, massages, skincare, even IV therapy (which happens to be a super popular LA detox treatment). As for their skincare services, we love that they use Biologique Recherche products--a longtime Byrdie favorite.

Location: 465 S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles

Tomoko Spa

Bond En Avant

This Japanese spa is like nothing else. Go in for a restorative massage in its light, airy, and ultra-soothing environment, and your life might actually change. Take it from from Associate Features Editor, Amanda Montell, "Tomoko Spa offers the most luxurious, high-end, and truly restorative massages in the city. Possibly the country. From the chic, minimalist decor, to the impeccably trained massage therapists, to the techniques themselves (which blend eastern and western techniques to provide healing that is both physical and spiritual) - it is truly a matchless experience. It's the most alarmingly expensive massage I've ever received, but also by far the best." 

Location: 141 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills

Hotel Bel-Air Spa

Elite Traveler

The Hotel Bel-Air Spa is fully loaded with amenities. Try one of their private marble rain showers, mosaic steam rooms, or something called the Enclave, which features a private patio and waterfall (we don't know about you, but private waterfall might be the single most ritzy phrase we've ever uttered).

Location: 701 Stone Canyon Road, Los Angeles

Larchmont Sanctuary Spa

Larchmont Sanctuary

The Larchmont Sanctuary Spa has a calm and cozy aesthetic that will make you feel like you're away at a countryside cottage. But don't mistake the quaint interior for a lack of luxury. Here, you can chill out fireside in a fluffy robe and slippers while sipping on refreshments in between treatments (um, yes please!).

Also notable, is that they focus on mind-body wellness, so while you might go for a waxing, skincare treatment, or salt scrub, your mental state will be just as refreshed as your physical state. Their spa treatments are designed to promote relaxation, confidence, and self-awareness. Plus, they're committed to using natural and organic ingredients in all of their spa treatments. What's not to love? 

Location: 331 N. Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles

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