These Are the Best Spas in Los Angeles, Point Blank

Los Angeles is big on beauty, health, and wellness. Wherever you go throughout the city, chances are that you’re not far from a swanky fitness studio, high-end hair salon, nail salon, or buzzy detox treatment. The same goes for spas; they’re peppered throughout the entire city—though they’re found in especially high concentrations in the likes of West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills.

Why so many, you ask? It’s simple. LA girls love a good spa day. Whether they go in for a manicure, a mud bath, a massage, or a combination of all three, spending time at the spa is their favorite way to refresh both their bodies and minds. So, when in LA, do as the Angelenos do, and make time for a little R & R at the spa. Rest assured there are some insanely luxurious options. Keep reading to see the six best spa experiences in all of LA!