We're Obsessed with Socks—Here Are the 20 Best Pairs on the Internet

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Socks are one of those clothing items that all of us have in our closets, in some form or another. Much like underwear, they serve an essential function in our wardrobes, working to keep our soles safe from moisture-loving bacteria and the everyday wear and tear that comes with wearing sneakers, heels, and other types of shoes. But, while function might be their main purpose, socks also make for a great fashion opportunity, as you can style them in a multitude of ways.

With function and fashion on our minds, we set out to find the best socks, looking at everything from material to comfort to style opportunities, as well as tapping Richer Poorer’s co-founder and CEO Iva Pawling for her sock expertise.

Meet the Expert

Iva Pawling is the co-founder and CEO of Richer Poorer.

Whether you’re more of a no-show socks kind of gal or prefer a pop of color and flair, we scoured the internet to find the best pairs of socks for every occasion imaginable. From ankle to camp to slouchy to retro, we share our top picks ahead.

Best Overall

Hugh Ugoli Bamboo Socks

Hugh Ugoli Bamboo Socks


For best overall, we wanted a sock that is a little more universal in terms of styling, plus great quality in terms of overall design and material. These top-rated socks from Amazon are our pick for this category because they come in packs of three, in a variety of colors (we love the purple, brown, and gray pack!), and are a great height for boots, high-tops, socks with sandals, and can even be slouched down and worn with classic white tennis shoes. They’re also made of 80 percent bamboo, which is not only eco-friendly but excels at moisture-wicking and breathability. Over 6,000 customers gave these socks five stars for feel, fit, and comfort—and we agree on all fronts. 

Material: 80% bamboo, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane | Size Range: 6-9, 9-12

Best No-Show

Definite Articles The No Show Sock

Definite Articles The No Show Sock

Definite Articles

No-show socks are meant to be disguised, but that doesn’t mean they should lack quality. These are made of a moisture-wicking blend of sustainable nylon, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton, recycled polyester, and spandex and designed with arch support, so your feet aren’t just kept fresh and comfortable. They’re like a hug for your soles and a great match for everything from running shoes to slip-ons. 

Material: 51% sustainable nylon, 23% BCI cotton, 23% sustainable recycled polyester, 3% spandex | Size Range: 5-7, 7.5-9.5, 10-12

Best Retro

American Trench Classic The Retro Stripe

American Trench Classic The Retro Stripe

American Trench

When it comes to retro socks, it’s all about the design but also about the colors. These socks from American Trench nail the tube sock design perfectly, with retro-colored stripes that pop and still feel a little muted like a real pair of retro socks. The socks are made from a cushy blend of spandex, cotton, nylon, and acrylic and come in nine different color combinations, including Tile/Rust, Neon Pink/Navy, and Plum/Teal (our favorite).

Material: 68% cotton, 16% nylon, 12% acrylic, 4% spandex | Size Range: One size

Best Slouchy

Brother Vellies Cloud Sock

Brother Vellies Cloud Sock

Brother Vellies

We can’t get enough of the slouchy sock trend, which is a nod to ’80s fashion. These 100 percent cotton Brother Vellies Cloud Socks bring an iconic look to the modern day, with their plush cotton texture, perfect slouch, and the right amount of thickness. These socks come in 17 colors, too, and proceeds from the lavender colorway help fund the brand’s mask-making and food distribution efforts in Kenya. 

Material: 100% cotton | Size Range: One size

Best Casual

Aerie Colorblock Crew Socks

Aerie Colorblock Crew Socks


If you’re going for a casual sock, you can’t go wrong with an excellent old-fashioned crew. These crew socks from Aerie come in three color-blocked styles and are cozy yet thin enough to wear under boots and fun enough to add a pop of color to your outfit. They’re soft, cozy, and a casual classic with five stars from nearly 200 Aerie customers for their ability to stay in place, texture, and comfortableness. 

Material: 98% polyester, 2% elastane | Size Range: One size

Best Ankle

SKIMS Everyday Ankle Sock

SKIMS Everyday Ankle Sock


The perfect ankle sock exists, and it’s the Everyday Ankle Sock from SKIMS. These socks have that “just right” feeling with their ultra-smooth texture, breathability, ideal amount of stretch, and no-show design. But, what makes them stand out is the skin tone color range, the fact that they stay in place (one of our biggest ankle sock woes!), and quality.

Material: 75% polyester, 22% polyamide, 3% spandex | Size Range:  6+, 8+

Best Designer

Versace Monogram Dress Socks

Versace Monogram Dress Socks


When investing in a pair of designer socks, we recommend going with something a little fun—something that moonlights as an accessory. The Monogram Dress Socks from Versace are exactly that. Their hosiery-like design and ruffled edges pair well with black heels, Mary Jane shoes, or loafers, giving any outfit a little edge. We also love these because, despite being ultra-stylish, they are also comfortable, high quality (so you can feel good about spending $250 on socks), and have a nice textured design.  

Material: Polyamide and elastane | Size Range: S-L

Best Hosiery

Sheertex Classic Sheer Rip-Resist Tights

Sheertex Classic Sheer Rip-Resist Tights


It’s hard to talk about socks without talking about hosiery. In addition to a new pair of socks, if you’re looking for the best tights, we are obsessed—we repeat: obsessed—with Sheertex. The Classic Sheer Tights are worth every penny and then some. They’re stretchy, smooth, soft, and the toughest pair of tights we’ve ever tried, thanks to the brand’s special Knit Technology. 

Material: Sheertex Knit Technology | Size Range: XS-3XL

Best Tie-Dye

Bombas Lightweight Tie Dye Quarter Sock

Bombas Lightweight Tie Dye Quarter Sock


Socks are one of our favorite ways to wear tie-dye. And these Bombas socks are our favorite pairs of tie-dye socks. The pack comes with four pairs of socks in purple, blue, indigo, and orange that hit right above the ankle, so they pair well with ankle booties or sneakers when you want a good and groovy pop of color. Another reason we love these socks is for the brand’s mission. When you purchase a pair of socks from Bombas, the brand donates a pair to homeless shelters.  

Material: 56% cotton, 12% polyester, 29% nylon, 3% spandex | Size Range: S-L

Best Slogan

Pearl River Funny Socks: Free Time

Pearl River Funny Socks: Free Time

Pearl River

We could not track down the best socks without tracking down the best slogan socks. But these aren’t just funny—they’re chic, too. The socks have a funky retro design, a very relatable saying, and are made of a soft, combed cotton blend that makes them one of the coziest socks. 

Material: 65% combed cotton, 33% nylon, 2% spandex | Size Range: One size

Best Minimalist

Los Angeles Apparel Unisex Sock

Los Angeles Apparel Unisex Sock

Los Angeles Apparel

You can’t go wrong with a pair of minimalistic socks. But you don’t need to buy a pack of low-quality socks to get the look. These crew socks from Los Angeles Apparel come with five pairs (that’s $7 per pair) in a variety of different color collections. They are made with a super soft blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex and have a subtle ribbing design for added texture. 

Material: 79% cotton, 20% nylon, 1% spandex | Size Range: One size

Best for Lounging

Brooklinen Socks

Brooklinen Socks


We’ll admit it: We much prefer a pair of socks to slippers for lounging. Our favorite comfortable socks to kick it back in are none other than the Brooklinen Socks. They come in six beautiful colors—we love the lavender and lemon hues—and are made from a super-soft polyester and acrylic blend. Everything from the quality, coziness, design, and sizing options makes them a must-have in our eyes (and soles). But, the thing we love the most is that, despite being warm and cozy, our feet never feel too hot or sweaty in Brooklinen Socks. 

Material: 70% polyester, 21% acrylic, 9% other | Size Range: S-L

Best Fuzzy

Nap Loungewear Fuzzy Plush Socks

Nap Loungewear Fuzzy Plush Socks

Nap Loungewear

Fuzzy socks were made for napping, and Nap Loungewear does them the best. The Fuzzy Plush Socks are made from a cushy blend of elastane and polyester and have the softest, fleece-like feel. They’re more of a fall or winter sock, as they boast a lot of warmth and, honestly, they are so comfortable that they put our slippers to shame. 

Material: 93% polyester, 7% elastane | Size Range: One size

Best Dress Socks

Richer Poorer Blanket Socks

richer poorer blanket socks

Richer Poorer

Dress socks are the perfect excuse to have a little fun. These Cottage Core Socks from Richer Poorer are our favorite because they are the perfect thickness for a dress sock, making them more versatile with different types of work shoes. Whether you want to hide them behind a pair of ankle booties or show them off with your favorite dressy loafers, you really can’t go wrong with the lightweight floral ankle socks. Aside from their looks and comfort, the real reason these are on our list is that they are designed with a Silver Lining Blend, which consists of combed cotton and silver fibers to naturally freshen feet. If you wear dress socks, you may already know how gross they can get—and these socks are the answer to your stinky feet troubles.  

Material: Nylon and spandex | Size Range: One size

Best Ruffle

Vans x Sandy Liang Ruffle Sock

Vans x Sandy Liang Ruffle Sock


We love a good pair of ruffle socks, as they are one of our go-to options for fun sock styling. The Vans x Sandy Liang Ruffle Sock is our top choice for this category because they are exactly what you think of when you think of ruffle socks—and they have the perfect amount of ruffle. On top of that, the ribbed detailing and floral appliqué add some extra flair. These socks are soft, comfortable, and pair well with sneakers, booties, Mary Janes, heels, and more. 

Material: 72% cotton, 25% polyester, 2% elastane, 1% nylon | Size Range: 6.5-10

Best Trendy

Kule The Take Out Sock

Kule The Take Out Sock


Smiley faces are everywhere right now—and now they are on our feet, too. The Take Out Sock from Kule is made from a cozy blend of acrylic and nylon and hits right at the calf, giving them a ton of versatility in terms of how to wear them. You can scrunch them down, pull them up, pair them with a loafer, and wear them under boots—the options are seemingly endless. 

Material: 80% acrylic, 20% nylon | Size Range: One size

Best Thigh-Highs

Chalier Thigh-High Socks

Chalier Thigh-High Socks


If you’re looking for a pair of good thigh-high socks that are cozy enough to wear on winter days, this three-pack from Amazon is our go-to. We love the ultra-soft poly-cotton blend, thickness, and soft texture. But, more importantly, we love that these knee-high socks stay up. 

Material: Poly-cotton blend | Size Range: One size

Best Knee-Highs

Bombas Winter Knee High Sock

Bombas Winter Knee High Sock


Knee-high socks are a must for cold weather, especially when boots are concerned. If you’re looking for a pair of socks that works well under boots—including rain boots—but is still stylish enough to wear with a pair of loafers, Mary Janes, or sneakers, we love the Winter Knee High Socks from Bombas. The socks come in a four-pack with a variety of fun colors, plus an all-black pair, and are made from the softest cotton blend. 

Material: 63% cotton, 30% polyester, 6% rubber, 1% spandex | Size Range: S-L

Best Low Cut

Keds Extra Low Cut Liner Socks

Keds Extra Low Cut Liner Socks


We live in low-cut socks and, at this point, have tried dozens of pairs. None quite compare to the Keds Extra Low Cut Liner Socks. These socks come in a five-pack (extra points for value!) and are made of a soft, breathable material. The best part is that the elastic on these socks doesn’t dig into your feet while wearing them, so you preserve optimum comfort all day long. 

Material: 78% nylon, 20% polyester, 2% spandex | Size Range: One size

Best Sheer

MeMoi Metallic Sheer Shortie Socks

MeMoi Metallic Sheer Shortie Socks


Aside from our designer pick, these are our favorite sheer socks. Despite being made of sheer fabric, they are quite soft, comfortable, and boast perfect pizzazz. We love the metallic detailing, slightly ruffled edge, and the range of neutral colors, which include a light tan, metallic silver, and black. 

Material: 72% nylon, 25% lurex, 3% spandex | Size Range: 9-11

What to Look for When Buying Socks 


“It is important to understand the thickness of the sock to know what shoes you want to wear with it,” says Pawling. This all comes down to personal preference but can also depend on the shoe, as some will require a thinner sock while others have enough room for a thicker sock.


One of the most important things to look for is how the socks feel—and, according to Pawling, softness is a must. “Some can have a silkier feel to the cotton if they are a blend like modal, and some can be heavier and scratchier if they are wool,” she notes. 


“This is such a huge factor to how and what I will wear my socks with,” says Pawling. She recommends investing in a variety of lengths so that you have what you need on hand (and feet!).  

  • How long should socks last?

    According to Pawling, high-quality socks are made to last. “Unless you are washing and wearing your socks almost every day, you should be able to get quite a few years out of them,” she explains.

  • What are fun ways to style socks?

    “Styling socks for women is all about finding the right proportions and colors, depending on what you are wearing,” says Pawling. “I love a good, textured solid color sock with ankle-cropped pants.” Pawling also recommends styling socks with your shoes, such as an ankle sock with high tops for a pop of color. If you’re wearing shorts and sneakers and want it to look like you don’t have socks on, she says to try a pair of low-show socks. Pawling also welcomes the socks with sandals trend (as do we!) and recommends “a chunky textured sock with Birkenstocks during crispier fall days.”

Why Trust Byrdie 

Contributing writer Jessie Quinn has a bachelor’s degree in fashion journalism. From working in the fashion closet and interviewing designers at NYLON to now writing about the best style trends for various publications, Jessie researches and sources the best fashion finds. As far as socks are concerned, Jessie is picky about what goes on her feet—they must be comfortable, breathable, and soft. When researching the best socks for women, she kept her standards and expert insight in mind to narrow her selection. She considered everything from feeling, texture, thickness, material, and more to curate this list.

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