You're Welcome: These Are the Best-Smelling Deodorants Ever

Deodorant is something of a necessity. In the hot, muggy dog days of summer, it's practically a requirement so that you don't repulse fellow passengers on the subway or in your Uber pool. (Seriously, don't be that person.) But necessity is boring, and we want even our most mundane personal care items to complement our lifestyle and fit our everyday aesthetic (whether that's a minimalistic, super-luxe, or low-key vibe we're going for). It sounds crazy, but the products we surround ourselves with—yes, even deodorant—make a difference in our work and living spaces.

That’s why we’ve assembled a short list of our all-time favorite deodorants. From clean lavender to uplifting citrus scents and designer-concocted fragrances, these are the offerings we're always happy to roll on. Keep scrolling to see the eight deodorants that we could probably wear in lieu of perfume.