The Best-Smelling Body Products, According to Byrdie Editors


Isabella Behravan

There’s nothing we love more than a beauty product that serves double duty, and a body product that keeps our skin silky-smooth while also helping us smell like vanilla cookies/flowers/patchouli/everything nice ranks high on our list. Though some fragrances can be irritating, we’d be lying if we said we could denounce scented products altogether (our bathrooms would give us away anyway). Fact: A beauty product that smells like something we’d like to eat (or someone we’d like to meet) instantly gets our attention—and the attention of those around us. *Insert hair toss.*

Ahead, we’re sharing the best-smelling body products on the market—the ones that earn Mmm—what are you wearing?! cries from friends and significant others. From an OG body lotion to a cellulite-blurring butt cream that smells like piña coladas (yes, really), keep scrolling to see them all!