It's Official: These Are the Best Positions to Sleep the Night Away

It can be really hard—almost impossible—to regularly get enough good sleep. But no matter how busy we get, we need to give our bodies a rest. "Sleep is critical for general health, and the better sleep you get, the better you will feel the next day," says Helix co-founder and sleep expert Adam Tishman. "Additionally, a good sleeping position can do a lot toward reducing neck and back pain and improving REM sleep cycles."

It's also not enough just to find time to sleep; you have to sleep in the right position, too, to really reap those health benefits. We quizzed Tishman about the three common sleep positions and asked which ones really help our overall health (and which ones don't). Scroll down to see what he says are the best sleep positions for optimal sleep—and which one you should avoid at all costs.