The #1 Beauty Brand for Oily Skin, According to Shaunette Renée Wilson


Luke Fontana

It's always fun catching an actress on the rise right before everyone in the world wants a piece of her—especially one as enthusiastic about beauty as Shaunette Renée Wilson. You might recognize the New York–based performer, who was born in Guyana (where much of her family still lives) and graduated from the prestigious Yale School of Drama in 2016, from her turn on the big screen in Black Panther, or on the small screen in Fox's medical drama series The Resident.

But when Wilson and I hopped on a transcontinental call the other week to discuss everything from her skincare secrets to her latest fitness obsession, it simply felt like I was talking to a very poised, beauty-savvy new friend. Not every Hollywood type is a true beauty guru, but Wilson has all the makings of the perfect Byrdie interview: a unique, passionate perspective on skincare and an openness to tell us all her best tips. Read on to discover the genius beauty know-how of Byrdie's newest muse.