15 Highly Effective Skincare Sets That Are Perfect for Lazy Girls

Sunday is the perfect day to save your fave from everything that happened this weekend and a chance to refresh before another workweek. While weekday stressors certainly aren't helping your skin, everything we do to de-stress over the weekend has its way of wreaking havoc as well. From late nights to lack of sleep, from not drinking enough water to drinking too much of something else, our weekend habits are ruining our chances of having the clear, healthy complexion we seek.

Reset your skin after a big weekend with a powerhouse set of products that work together to combat all your weekend skin woes. Treat your visage to a detox kit that will slough off the damage, purify your pores, and rehydrate and nourish your skin. We've rounded up the skincare sets that serve up all the antidotes to weekend skin ills so you can take on Monday refreshed, renewed, and ready for the week.

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