The 4-Step Skincare Regimen You'll Feel Good About Buying

skincare regimen

Even though my job description entails constantly trying out new products, I find myself returning to my trusted favorites. That's right: I'm a proud creature of habit. I find following my skincare routine incredibly therapeutic, slathering and massaging the formulas into my skin day and night. But it's a time commitment to say the least, so I sometimes find myself wondering if it's possible to simplify things (read: cut down on my extensive routine) without my skin freaking out. So when a product—or even a full regimen—promises to do just that, my interest is piqued. Such is the case with EVER Skincare's Pure Results Regimen With LSR10® ($255), a four-step routine that infuses good-for-skin ingredients. It's basically a self-improvement plan for your skin. Read on to see why it deserves a permanent place on your vanity.

The four-step regimen offers a simple yet potent approach to skincare. LSR10® is the brand's patent-pending formula that helps reduce the top ten visible signs of aging, by cleansing, exfoliating, treating, and moisturizing with five customizable products. That's it—five. There's no need for a 10-step routine here. It all starts with REBALANCE Gentle Purifying Cleanser (you can pick between two options based on your skin type).

Next comes exfoliation with REVEAL Biomimetic Peel Pads. (You may recognize them from their two Allure Best of Beauty wins.) The gentle pads are formulated with azelaic acid and willow bark to remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of pores and dark spots. Next up: YOUTHFUL Quattro Peptide Face and Eye Serum infused with honokiol, a component of magnolia bark that's said to be a thousand times more potent than vitamin E. Top it all off with moisturizer: DAYLIGHT Moisturizer with SPF 32 and brightening vitamin C for daytime, or HYDRALIFT Oil-Free Moisture Injection Gel for night to increase firmness and get glowing while you snooze.

For starters, it's simple. The regimen checks off all skincare must-haves, and you don't even have to search the web to figure out some complicated equation of what goes on when. The best part, though, is that you actually start seeing major results over time. Your skin will be brighter, firmer, and less tired-looking. Plus, each product is infused with natural botanicals—no mercury, parabens, or sulfates, and nothing is tested on animals. The ultra-chic packaging is just an added bonus.

Shop the Pure Results Regimen With LSR10® ($255) at EVER Skincare. 

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