Editors' Picks: These Are the Products That Transformed Our Skin

There are those products that just seem to get the job done, those we’re not too fond of, and those that warrant grabbing a megaphone and proclaiming our love for them from the rooftops. And oftentimes, these life-changing products in the latter category fall under skincare. A lipstick or a shampoo temporarily makes a difference, but a moisturizer or serum can do some serious long-term reversals in the best way.

I challenged my fellow Byrdie editors (and myself) to pick the one product that’s given our skin a complete overhaul. For some, it was an obvious and immediate choice, but for others, it was a bit of a product showdown. Ultimately, we rounded up the winning tools, masks, etc. that turned back the clock, cleared our skin, and ameliorated several other common skin issues that we feel our readers should, no, need to know about. Keep scrolling to learn which products top our lists!

What’s your holy grail skincare product? Tell us below!