The Skincare Launches That We Loved the Most in 2018

This was a great year for skincare. We'd venture to think we were met with such innovative, efficacious products because women and men are caring more and more about what they're putting on their bodies. Gone are the days of running into the drugstore and picking up whichever bottle looks best and bringing it home. Consumers are wiser about their ingredients and expect more from their formulas (as they should). According to Tata Harper, owner of her eponymous line of skincare, this isn't a fleeting sentiment, either. She tells Fast Company, "It’s a movement happening around the world. A movement toward better health, an evolution in consumer products where we’re realizing that a lot of things we thought were good are not."

Thus, we were introduced to transformative formulas, groundbreaking tools, and scary-good solutions to our varying skin woes. So good, in fact, that they stood out as the absolute best products we've tried throughout the entire year. Below, our top picks.