16 Glow-Inducing Gifts for the Ultimate Skincare Junkie

It's fascinating to think there was ever a time when glossy, glowing skin wasn't on trend. A reflective, even tone is the pinnacle of skin health, presumably the very fate people of past decades pined over but traded in for matte, fuller-coverage cosmetics when they couldn't achieve it. But we now live in an era where educating ourselves on ingredients and best practices is a surefire way to bring our skin to the level of dewy health we so desire. As beauty editors on the hunt for the type of skin that glows in the dark, we've tried a host of hydrating and exfoliating products to get us to lightning-bug status.

It's safe to say your loved one will also appreciate the gift of glowing skin, which is why we've rounded up some of our favorite products for generating new, healthy skin cells and reducing signs of degradation like hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Seriously, who doesn't want that this holiday season and always? Below, our favorite gifts for even, radiant skin.