8 Skin Products Byrdie Editors Say Will Be Bestsellers in 2019

New skincare products are a dime a dozen—hundreds launch each year based on popular ingredients and results-driven formulations. In the beauty industry, the last few years have been defined by various brightening, tightening, and hydrating innovations. But now, in 2019, it feels like consumers are more educated than ever before. They know the latest drops and they want to try each one for themselves (that is, after a thorough online research period). As such, based on general feedback from the industry, as well as our readers, there are a few formulas we believe will start to sell out immediately. Some already have. 

With that in mind, I tapped the rest of the editors at Byrdie HQ for their predictions on what the bestsellers of the year will be. Each one brought up products they've tried and seen hyped on the internet. Below, find our thoughts for the products worth looking into this year, from a glowy, plumping moisturizer and hydrating facial spray to an exfoliating mask and effective retinol. Keep scrolling for what we believe will be the most popular products of 2019.