6 Fragrances That Smell Like Your Skin, but Better


Isabella Behravan

In my opinion, there are two subcategories of alluring fragrances. The first is overtly sultry—the kind I'll spritz before heading out for a first date or if my plans involve negotiating a crowded bar. Intoxicating florals, smoldering spices: These are the scent notes I know will turn heads.

But I'd argue that the scents in the second category are even more seductive, and that's because they're quite subtle. With hints of musk, salt, soft cotton, and, in some cases, actual pheromones, they're designed to smell like your skin, but better. The perfume version of "no-makeup makeup," if you will. They invite someone to lean closer and really get a whiff—they won't know where the fragrance ends and you begin. And isn't that the point?

Of course, there's no day like Valentine's Day to engage in a little scent seduction. Below, find some of our favorite second-skin fragrances.