Dark Spots, Begone! 6 High-Tech Brighteners on Our Radar

Truth be told, we’ve always been a little scared of the dark. However, what once was an irrational bedtime fear (who at the age of 5 didn’t think there were monsters in their closet?) is now a visible and sometimes embarrassing reality. We’re talking about the kind of darkness that appears around our eyes, the pigmented aftermath of a bad breakout, or just the overall dullness that’s the bane of our existence, and an inevitable part of aging. Shudder.

Luckily, some top skincare brands have recently debuted a slew of new products devoted to fighting just this fear. Boasting breakthrough technology and top-tier ingredients, these new and exciting brighteners give us hope for a lighter and brighter future. Keep scrolling for the six buzzy new products that guarantee a brighter complexion!