6 Silk Beauty Products for Better Sleep That Have Completely Changed My Life



Beauty sleep is a non-negotiable for me. I know how beneficial a thorough bedtime ritual and a good night's rest can be, especially for my hair and nails. Recently, I upped my pre-shut-eye routine and switched to 100% silk everything. It feels like I'm sleeping on a bed of rose petals or a cloud, but more importantly, it's been my magic ticket to maintaining hydrated skin; shiny (but not too shiny), soft hair; and amazing sleep.

Trust, you'll completely let go of that cotton life once you experience silk sheets. Add other beauty products like bonnets, scrunchies, sleep masks, and shower caps to the mix, and you've taken yourself to a whole new level of luxurious comfort. Ahead are the six best silk beauty products for good sleep you'll stick to forever once you try them.