6 Silk Beauty Products for Better Sleep That Have Completely Changed My Life

Updated 12/21/18
Best Silk Beauty Products

Beauty sleep is a non-negotiable for me. I know how beneficial a thorough bedtime ritual and a good night's rest can be, especially for my hair and nails. Recently, I upped my pre-shut-eye routine and switched to 100% silk everything. It feels like I'm sleeping on a bed of rose petals or a cloud, but more importantly, it's been my magic ticket to maintaining hydrated skin; shiny (but not too shiny), soft hair; and amazing sleep.

Trust, you'll completely let go of that cotton life once you experience silk sheets. Add other beauty products like bonnets, scrunchies, sleep masks, and shower caps to the mix, and you've taken yourself to a whole new level of luxurious comfort. Ahead are the six best silk beauty products for good sleep you'll stick to forever once you try them.

Shhh Silk Oversized Black Silk Scrunchie
Shhh Silk Oversized Black Silk Scrunchie $29

Confession: I'm addicted to this scrunchie. I don't think I'll ever love a hair tie more. It's stretchy and extra large in the best way possible. I legitimately look forward to pulling my hair back into this soft and silky scrunchie as soon as I get home. It never tugs or pulls out any loose strands, and miraculously feels weightless. I sleep in it on the nights I'm too lazy to wrap my hair. It gives me '90s vibes, and I'm into it. 

Slip Silk Pillowcase in Standard/Queen
Slip Silk Pillowcase in Standard/Queen $85

Once I started sleeping on silk, I never looked back. I haven't touched cotton since my head hit these silk pillowcases. I know; they're expensive. But the benefits are real. For one, silk is extremely hydrating and restores so much moisture in your skin—cotton dries out your skin, and this is coming from a girl with inherently dehydrated skin. Silk also does magic for your hair by amping up the shine, and since it's so soft, it doesn't tug or pull at your strands. It's gotten to the point where I take my silk pillowcases to hotel rooms when I travel.


Silke London Hair Wrap
Silke London Hair Wrap $60

I have extremely soft, slightly fine hair that's also textured and natural. Anything that's not silk absorbs all of the moisture out of my hair in minutes, leaving me with brittle and straggly ends. This silk bonnet is an absolute must for me to wear every night. Its incredibly luxe material feels so cozy. Plus, the 100% silk material maintains the longevity of my straight hair while stopping future damage from friction-causing cotton in its tracks. 

Slip Silk Sleepmask Lashes
Slip Silk Sleepmask Lashes $50

When I'm extra tired, I need a sleep mask. I've been attempting to do this no-phone thing before bed. I'm not at the point yet where I leave my phone in another room while I sleep, but I keep it a few feet away from me on my vanity. To really cancel out the noise and calm my thoughts, I like to slip this right over my eyes. The 100% pure mulberry silk feels like a pillow made for my eyes—what a treat. 

Shhh Silk Black Silk Lined Shower Cap
Shhh Silk Black Silk Lined Shower Cap $59

I go through shower caps like I go through a tub of Talenti ice cream—fast. They're either too flimsy, not the right fit, or not protective enough. This silk-lined cap is my ideal happy medium. It keeps my straight hair from frizzing or curling up and preserves my styles in the hottest of steam. It's so lightweight that oftentimes I forget it's even there and find myself wearing it long after my shower. At night, I love transitioning my silk shower cap to my silk hair wrap above. 

Slip Large Slipsilk Scrunchies Black, Pink, Caramel
Slip Large Slipsilk Scrunchies Black, Pink, Caramel $39

These mini silk bands have replaced my normal hair ties forever. They give me the exact same feeling as my favorite large scrunchie that we already talked about, just smaller and less noticeable. When I'm not wearing my extra-large version to bed, I'll swap in these. I also love wearing them while working out. They're less noticeable and don't tug at my hair, which is weak from sweat and buildup. 

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