7 Shower Mirrors That Make Shaving Way Easier

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If you're the type of person who likes to shave in the shower, a well-placed shower mirror can really help simplify your grooming routine (and mornings). Gone are the days of leaning out of the shower to catch a glimpse of your shaving cream-laden face in a fogged-up bathroom vanity mirror. The right shower mirror can help you speed through your shave while reducing the risk of nicks and cuts.

From splurge-worthy mirrors to budget-friendly picks, behold the best shower mirrors on the market.

Best Overall: Sharper Image Heated Fog-Free Shower Mirror

Sharper Image Shower Mirror

The brand's number one rated shower mirror, this one works like a charm for shaving. It's got dual-sided mirrors for 1x and 3x magnification, plus it's fog-free so you never have to worry about a disrupted view. More perks: It's super easy to install—just pop it onto your existing showerhead, no tools required. And since it doesn't rely on suction cups, you never have to worry about it dislodging from the steam.

Best Budget: Tooletries The Oliver Silicone Waterproof Mighty Mirror

If you’re going to be grooming, you have to have a mirror, which is what makes this so great for the traveling man, college student, or anyone who hasn't established roots quite yet. Far superior to those travel mirrors that are a glorified piece of plastic, this mirror has just enough staying power to help you feel right at home...until the next spot. 

The Oliver from Tooletries is handy and handsome all while being fog-resistant and shatterproof. It’s great for all the day-to-day duties you do in the shower, plus it’ll stick to just about anything easily and securely. You can’t really beat it for the price.

Best LED: Sharper Image LED Anti-Fog Shower Mirror

Sharper Image LED Anti-Fog Shower Mirror

This is as easy as it gets when it comes to LED lighting in the shower. If you can work suction cups and AA batteries, you can have beauty-ring lighting while shaving (or serenading yourself) in the shower. The anti-fog LED mirror from Sharper Image is specially treated to provide a crystal clear, well-illuminated reflection either in or out of the shower.

Best Rotating: ToiletTree Products Deluxe Larger Fogless Shower Shaving Mirror

As one of the best selling shower mirrors around, it’s also one of the most simple. It has a generous reflective surface while maintaining a thin frame. The standout about this fogless mirror isn’t that it is, in fact, fogless, but that it doesn’t require any chemicals or coating to keep it that way. 

Simply fill up the reservoir behind the mirror with hot water before your shower, and let physics do the rest. Once you’re done, spin the mirror upside down (it spins 360 degrees) to release the water — no mold or mildew. It also includes a slim squeegee that fits inside the shallow shelf making clean up just plain easy.

Most Elegant: CB2 Muse White Marble Vanity Mirror

CB2 Muse White Marble Vanity Mirror

With a minimalist design, this low profile mirror is simple sophistication in its finest form. As the glass and marble base age gracefully in the laissez-faire surroundings of your lavatory square footage, this simple aesthetic accent will look better and more original over time. Available in both black and white marble, with rounded glass that can sit vertically or horizontally depending on the mood, we are still having a hard time deciding which one we like more. 

Best Design: Deco Brothers 8-Inch Two-Sided Extension Wall Mount Mirror

There is something to be said for a simple, classic extension mirror. Maybe it’s the vintage feel of barbershops or make-up chairs, but this design is one that can be found in any era of home decor and looks good every time. In a matte nickel finish, this two-sided circular mirror features a smooth 360-degree swivel design with single and seven times magnification on either side.

Best Splurge: Electric Mirror Acclaim In-Shower Fog Free Mirror

Electric Mirror Acclaim In-Shower Fog Free Mirror with Down Light

Have you ever stayed in an upscale hotel? You know, the ones with the thick, plush robes and California King beds layered in crisp, white linens? Well, this is the mirror you might expect to accompany such luxurious amenities—and it's got the price tag to prove it.

The eco-friendly in-shower fogless Acclaim mirror features two bands of vertical frosted LED lighting and a downlight designed to illuminate an alcove in a natural light temperature, plus an anti-corrosion mirror treatment and an energy-efficient defogger that allows you to see clearly, even during a hot, steamy shower. All of this, and it’s proudly made in America.

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