The Best 30-Minute Workout Classes in L.A. for When You Have No Time

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These days, it seems like we've found a way to streamline just about everything (exhibit A: the art of Postmating a salad on your way home so it arrives the same time as you do). Thus, it was only a matter of time before workouts became more efficient too. Studios like Lagree Fitness in Los Angeles offer virtual classes that are as short as 25 minutes, offering total-body workouts in that time or hyper-focused workouts to tone your arms or butt.

"When you have a shorter workout, you make every minute count," says Lagree founder and inventor of the Supraformer Sebastien Lagree. He explains that, for years, we've been conditioned to believe that things should take an hour: dentist appointments, meetings, and workouts. But it's not how long something takes—it's the quality that counts.

For instance, you could be on a treadmill for an hour watching The Real Housewives and not be exerting much energy, or you could work out for 25 minutes and get better results in less time. "People are too focused on the 'how many' and 'how long,' when it's all about form," says Lagree.

"The benefit of any workout happens in the first 15 to 20 minutes," he explains. "Your metabolic, anabolic, production of growth hormone, testosterone... all of this stuff happens within the first 20 minutes of a workout. After that, you begin to burn muscle instead of fat."

Here are the 10 best workout classes in L.A. where you'll power through a high-intensity workout in a short amount of time.

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The Megaformer Studio: Express Abs

Lagree Fitness Studio has been rebranded into the Megaformer Studio at the same location in Los Angeles. It also has locations in Santa Monica and Miami. The studio offers full-body classes on the Megaformer machine, which are 50-minute workouts for when you have more time, as well as classes for just abs and arms. The focus of these workouts is on slow and controlled movements. "A lot of people who take these classes say they don't [normally] like to work out," says Lagree.

The studio no longer offers its 25-minute Supra Class in-person, however, you can take this class virtually if you own a Megaformer machine. In the meantime, stay tuned for Megaformer's upcoming 30-minute Express Abs class.

The Megaformer Studio offers multiple class packages including three classes for $99, 10 classes for $280, or 20 classes for $480.

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Platefit: HIIT-Fit Vibration Training

Platefit is a 27-minute high-intensity workout on a medical-grade device. The class is done on a Power Plate, which, according to the website, "contracts the muscles 30–50 times per second, engaging multiple muscle groups at once for results in half the time." The studio offers full-body workouts, as well as classes that focus on glutes and abs or arms and abs.

First-time clients can opt for two weeks of unlimited classes for $49. After that period, Unlimited classes are $299 per month. Platefit also offers class packages starting with a single class pass for $30.

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Sweat City Fitness: Total Body HIIT

Sweat City Fitness offers 30 minutes of circuit training with the option to stay for an additional 30 minutes of working out on cardio machines. Each class has a maximum of seven participants in order to minimize injuries and offer special attention to form from instructors. Classes start every 30 minutes, giving busy clients lots of options.

Sweat City is temporarily closed, however they offer unlimited virtual classes, starting at $30 for five classes.

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Rise Nation: Base Climb

Rise Nation offers three levels of classes on the VersaClimber that are all 30 minutes long. If you've never tried a VersaClimber before, the gist is that it's an upright climbing machine that engages the entire body. Think indoor rock climbing with serious muscle burn.

You can try out one class for $25 or buy packages of five classes for $110 or 10 classes for $190.

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Pound: Full Body Cardio-Jam

Pound uses drumming as a unique way to do cardio. The full-body cardio-jam workout is offered in classes as short as 30 minutes. You'll drum to the beat of two- to four-minute songs while holding various positions from exercises like Pilates and yoga.

Prices vary by location, however, you can try out online classes free for two weeks, followed by $9.99 per month after the trial period. You must purchase the Ripstix (lightly weighted drumsticks used in the workout) for $18.99.

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9Round Fitness: Kickbox Circuit

9Round promises a full-body kickboxing workout in just 30 minutes. It is meant to help you strengthen and tone and get your heart pumping to burn calories. There are no set class times—you go whenever is most convenient for you. Once there, you spend three minutes at each of nine stations, with a trainer nearby to ensure you get your heart rate is in the fat-burning zone.

With several locations around Los Angeles, 9Round offers a two-week trial of unlimited classes for $79 that includes gloves and wraps.

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Hype: BURN Express

Hype offers several options for those in Los Angeles who want to knock out a workout in 30 minutes. Its BURN Express class is a full-body sculpting and strengthening class for those who want to work out with weights. It also offers a HIIT Express class for those who want strength training plus high-intensity cardio for optimal fat burning in just 30 minutes.

Try out a class at Hype for just $5, or you can buy packages including 10 classes for $229. The studio also offers unlimited monthly classes for $239.

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Crunch Fitness: Cardio Sculpt

Crunch is popular for its wide variety of group classes, including some butt-kicking 30-minute workouts. It offers half-hour classes in Cardio Sculpt, HIIT, Pilates, yoga body sculpt, boot camps, and more. Crunch has several locations throughout California, including a Sunset Boulevard studio.

Crunch offers a variety of memberships without long-term commitments, including as low as $15 per month.

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Bay Club: The Drop

The Bay Club has several locations throughout Los Angeles, and it offers several options for a short and sweet 30-minute workout. The Drop is a class that is 30 minutes in length and focuses on strength and cardio through body-weight exercises. No need to grab the dumbbells for this one! There's also a 30-minute HIIT class, called Les Mills Grit, which includes core work and short, intense cardio.

Prices start at $345 per month, plus an initiation fee, for an individual membership.

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Bespoke Premium Cycling Studio: Express Ride

Think you can't get in a spin class in 30 minutes? Think again! Bespoke Premium Cycling Studio offers a 30-minute high-intensity Express Ride class in which you burn some serious calories. The music will keep you motivated as you build strength and endurance.

Bespoke is temporarily closed.

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