The Most Flattering Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

Updated 11/24/19
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It seems like all the cool kids are rocking short hair these days, but while it's tempting to follow suit, those of us with thick hair have to take pause. Without the natural heaviness of long locks, will our manes devolve into a frizzy pouf after making the chop?

Consider this article evidence to the contrary. As a matter of fact, strategically cutting your hair short can literally lift a weight off your shoulders and cut down on maintenance time, too—all while highlighting your kick-ass natural texture. Yes, really! It's all a matter of smart layering and selecting a crop that works particularly well with thicker strands. And for that, you don't need to look any further than these five best short haircuts, which happen to be both cool and practical. Book a salon appointment right now—you're going to want one after seeing these.


The Grown-Out Pixie

The great thing about having thick hair is that you're able to navigate the awkward growing-out phase a little more easily—especially if you have natural waves. "With newfound lightness, curls will appear curlier and have a lot of bounce," says Diana Macaluso, a Redken stylist at New York City's Cutler Salon.

With this in mind, we'd even say skip the initial ultra-short crop and go straight for this style from the get-go. Just ask your stylist for longer layers in the front that shape and emphasize your curls. And after the cut, play up your natural texture with a lightweight styling paste, like Redken Move Ability 05 ($20). 

Free People

The Blunt Bob With Bangs

Contrary to popular belief, you can do a blunt cut: You just have to be sneaky about it by asking your stylist to hide layers underneath. (Otherwise, you're prone to that not-so-flattering triangular shape, Macaluso says.) Blunt bangs help take some of the load off your mane and give the look a cool-girl '70s vibe.

The Layered Lob

Thick strands afford you the ability to play around with layers and texture, since thinning out your natural volume a bit is actually a good strategy for a bouncy, swingy lob or bob. For this particular look, which works well for straight or wavy hair, ask your stylist for blunt ends with a few wispy layers that highlight your natural texture. And the tousled look is all in the styling: Your go-to tool is Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($42).

You have to take care not to go overboard with thinning the hair since thinning out too much can also lead to poofiness.


The Teeny-Weeny Afro

Embrace your natural texture with a cool—literally and figuratively—teeny-weeny afro (TWA) à la model Lineisy Montero. Just be sure to keep it hydrated with a weekly oil-based mask, like Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque ($19).


The Shag

The It cut of the season happens to be perfect for thick-haired gals since, again, the layers help thin out your hair while also emphasizing your curls or waves. Just scrunch in a styling cream (like Hairstory Hair Balm, $36) after showering, and be sure to check out our guide on air-drying thick hair.

This rocker 'do is blissfully low-maintenance and perfect for anyone with textured strands.

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