The 15 Best Shoes for High Arches That Won’t Hurt Your Feet

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Let’s face it: Not all shoes were made for walking, especially if you have high arches. For those of us with high arches, finding a shoe that supports our soles and is as fashionable as it is functional isn’t always easy. But, as it turns out, you just need to know where to look—and what to look for. With that in mind, we tapped Dr. Brad Schaeffer, top board-certified podiatrist, and fashion expert Tanya Tamburin to help us narrow down the best shoes for high arches, considering everything from arch support (of course) to comfort to style. 

From running shoes and clogs to sandals and heels—yes, heels!—we share our top picks for the best shoes for high arches up ahead.

Meet the Expert

  • Dr. Brad Schaeffer is a board-certified podiatrist based in NYC.
  • Tanya Tamburin is a New York- and LA-based celebrity stylist who has worked with stars including Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Michael J. Fox.

Best Overall

Hoka One One Bondi 7



Our best overall pick also comes top-recommended by Dr. Schaeffer. “I like to recommend Hoka running shoes for those with high arches because they have a great offloading feature that provides a good balance transfer between heel strike and toe-off,” he explains. In addition to this feature, the sneakers are made with super comfortable memory foam, a supportive EVA midsole, and a rubber outsole for additional traction and support.  

Construction: Memory foam, EVA midsole, rubber outsole | Size Range: 5-12

Best Budget

Reebok Princess Running Shoe

Reebok Princess Running Shoe


We’ll be honest: It’s hard to find budget-friendly shoes for high arches. A lot of that has to do with the quality required in a pair of comfortable shoes. With that said, the Reebok Princess Running Shoe is an excellent option, and when you purchase on Amazon, some sizes are as low as $30 a pair. These ultra-supportive sneakers have a comfortable EVA midsole with a rubber outsole and an upper made of synthetic leather, which makes them water-resistant. They're also lightweight and feature moisture-wicking technology to keep soles dry. On top of that, they come highly recommended by over 6,500 customers for their spaciousness (a must for high arches), comfort when walking long distances, and sleek style.  

Construction: EVA midsole with rubber outsole | Size Range: 5-12

Best Designer

Beek Pelican Flatform Sandal

Beek Pelican Flatform Sandal


Some shoes are secretly supportive, like these slides from Beek. The designer shoes are made from ultrasoft leather with a molded memory foam footbed for extra cushion and arch support. They also have a rubber outsole for added traction and security. While they are a tad on the heavy side, these designer shoes are the most supportive and comfortable sandals you’ll slip into. 

Construction: Molded memory foam footbed with rubber outsole | Size Range: 5-12

Best on Amazon

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Sheena Wedge Sandal

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Sheena Wedge Sandal


The best shoe for high arches on Amazon is, without a doubt, these wedge sandals from Dr. Scholl’s. Recommended by over 2,000 customers, these sandals might have heels, but they are oh-so-comfortable, thanks to a contoured insole. On top of that, some say they are like walking on Tempur-Pedic insoles, and others keep them on regular rotation in their orthotic arsenal (but you’d never know they are orthopedic). 

Construction: Contoured insole with scored outsole and leather upper | Size Range: 6-11

Best Sneakers

Clove Aeros

Clove Grey Matter Clove Shoe


We pay attention to any sneaker designed specifically for nurses and doctors who are on their feet all day long. These shoes from Clove might be inspired by long hospital rounds, but they are also a great sneaker for day-to-day—and stylish, too. We love the sleek neoprene material, chunky rubber outsole, and drawstring laces. But, more importantly, we love that they are top-rated for comfort, fit, and support. 

Construction: Microfiber leather, neoprene ankle sock, rubber outsole | Size Range: 5-12.5

Best for Work

Vionic Delphine Slingback Flat

Vionic Delphine Slingback Flat


These shoes might be flat, but don’t underestimate them. They are sleek, chic, and perfect for smart dress codes and casual Friday ensembles. But, above all, they provide foot support. While the outsole is flat, the footbed is designed to hug the arches of your feet and inspire proper alignment with Vio-Motion Technology, making them feel supported and comfortable for long periods. 

Construction: Rubber outsole | Size Range: 5-11

Best Heel

Cole Haan Cloudfeel Espadrille Wedge Sandal

Cole Haan Cloudfeel Espadrille Wedge Sandal


When it comes to supportive heels, wedges are our go-to. But, if you have high arches, they must have a little more oomph to provide support. These Cole Haan wedges feature a footbed designed with GRANDFØAM technology, which provides lasting comfort, plus they have contoured cushioning for extra support. 

Construction: Leather upper, GRANDFØAM technology footbed, rubber outsole | Size Range: 5-11

Best Mules

Softwalk Wolcott Mule

Softwalk Wolcott Mule


We’re all about a shoe that has removable insoles, making it easier to get the perfect fit. These leather mules are roomy enough for high arches and come with a removable insole designed with arch support. However, if it’s not enough support or not the right kind of support, you can easily take it out and replace it with something else—like these Tread Labs Pace Insoles.

Construction: Leather upper, contoured footbed with a cushioned insole and arch support | Size Range: 5-11

Best Slip-Ons

Allbirds Tree Loungers

Allbirds Tree Loungers


Slip-ons aren’t the best shoes for high arches, but some styles have far more support compared to others. Case in point: Allbirds Women’s Tree Loungers are ultracomfortable on high-arched feet. The eco-friendly shoes are designed from lightweight eucalyptus tree fiber, have a spacious design (with enough room for added insoles), and have an S-curve sole for added support and comfort. 

Construction: TENCEL Lyocell upper, sugarcane-based green EVA midsole, castor bean oil-based insole foam | Size Range: 5-11

Best Clogs

Dansko Kane Clog

Dansko Kane Clog


Clogs are great for high arches as they typically offer a lot more arch support—especially the Dansko Kane Clog. We love these shoes because they are lightweight (which is impressive for clogs) and have a removable cushioned EVA footbed with arch support, making it even easier to customize your support. 

Construction: Synthetic upper, lining, and sole; cushioned EVA footbed | Size Range: 5.5-12

Best Sandals

Aerosoles Brianna

Aerosoles Brianna


These Aerosoles sandals check all of our high arch boxes. The chic slip-ons are designed with a memory foam footbed with padded insoles for comfort and support and to help lessen the shock each step of the way. While this might not be a plus for everyone, the shoes also run a little big, which is beneficial for those with high arches. 

Construction: Synthetic materials; memory foam footbed with padded insoles | Size Range: 5-12

Best Slides

Birkenstock Arizona Suede Leather Platform

Birkenstock Arizona Suede Leather Platform


According to Dr. Shaeffer, Birkenstocks pass the test for best shoes for high arches. For this category, our top pick is the classic Arizona style with a twist. These platform slides have a chunky and supportive EVA sole with an anatomically shaped cork footbed for maximum comfort. 

Construction: Suede upper and lining, cork-latex footbed, EVA sole | Size Range: 4-12.5

Best Slippers

Skechers Arch Fit Lounge - Unwind

Skechers Arch Fit Lounge - Unwind


These slippers are the best for a few reasons. First and foremost, they are designed with foot comfort in mind and have an Arch Fit® comfort footbed with an ULTRA GO® cushioned midsole. But, beyond that, the fuzzy texture makes them even more comfortable, and—get this—they are machine washable. 

Construction: Arch Fit® comfort footbed with an ULTRA GO® cushioned midsole | Size Range: 6-11

Best for Running

Brooks Running Launch GTS 9

Brooks Running Launch GTS 9


The best running shoes for high arches are the Brooks Running Launch GTS 9. These sneakers have a 10-millimeter midsole drop with a lightweight but extremely effective cushion and ankle support. And the great thing about them is that the sock-liners are removable, so you can add your insoles in should you require even more arch support. 

Construction: Green rubber outsole and foam cushioning | Size Range: 5-12

Best for Hiking

Sorel Kinetic Breakthru Tech Lace Sneaker

Sorel Kinetic Breakthru Tech Lace Sneaker


The Sorel Kinetic Breakthru Tech Lace Sneaker is our top pick for this category because of its versatility and incredible support—the molded EVA footbed and Livelyfoam midsole are a dream—and style. But we also love them because they boast a lot of traction, which is great for hiking, and they can be worn off the mountain, too.  

Construction: Molded EVA footbed with a Livelyfoam midsole and molded rubber outsole | Size Range: 5-12

What to Look for in Shoes for High Arches 

Supportive and soft midsoles 

“When shopping for your footwear, look for shoes with a supportive midsole and more volume, as a high-arched foot needs more space inside the shoe,” says Tamburin. “Soft insoles that mold to your foot shape and reach the top of your arch are also helpful,” she adds. 

Enough wiggle room

In addition to having enough volume around the midsole, you also want to make sure the shoe has “an adequate toe box, allowing enough room for toes to move around unrestricted,” says Dr. Schaeffer. “Constricting shoes, whether flat or very high heeled, can have adverse outcomes for your feet and body, and can exacerbate existing issues,” he notes. 

  • How do you know if you have high arches?

    “People with high arches have an increased amount of weight placed on the ball and heel of the foot when walking or standing,” says Tamburin. She explains that high arches don’t necessarily equal pain, but your feet might feel more fatigued and sore when you have them. One way to know if you have high arches—aside from booking an appointment with a podiatrist—is to do something called the “wet test” for self-diagnosis. “When you step out of a pool or bathtub and look at your full footprint, do you see the arch? Or, is the print flat like a pancake?” says Dr. Schaeffer, adding that this fun trick is very informative.

  • What does arch support do?

    “Arch support makes sure that the arch is properly supported,” says Dr. Schaeffer. “Many foot issues stem from our everyday wear and tear, and a good arch support can absorb that pain-inducing pounding many get when walking, running, or doing other activities,” he adds, noting that arch supports—be it in a shoe or an insert—are “designed to relive and often prevent pain.”

Why Trust Byrdie

Contributing writer Jessie Quinn has a bachelor’s degree in fashion journalism. From working in the fashion closet and interviewing designers at NYLON Magazine to now writing about the best style trends for various publications, Jessie researches and sources the best fashion finds. As someone with high arches, Jessie knows a thing or two about the best shoes for high arches (even if she doesn’t always listen). For this story, Jessie considered the insights from Dr. Brad Schaeffer and rigorously researched shoe styles that have the necessary design and cushioning to support high arches.

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