The 15 Best SheaMoisture Products of All Time

Every once in a while, a brand just gets you. It offers products for your face, body, and hair that make you feel seen. Such is the case with SheaMoisture, as its product count is extensive and its formulas inclusive. There are so many options—super-hydrating elixirs for dry skin, repairing offerings for damaged hair, and washes and scrubs to smooth and moisturize your body from neck to toe. Then, there are styling products and masks for your natural texture, whether that's thick and curly or fine. There truly is something for everyone and, to be frank, we wouldn't make it through New York winters without a lot of its formulas.

So we decided to do a roundup of all the must-haves. We reached out to other editors, influencers, and read through reviews for recommendations and compiled a list of the best-ever products SheaMoisture has to offer. Below, find our favorites and DM us on Instagram (@byrdiebeauty) if you can't live without one we missed. Keep scrolling for all the goods.